#100daysofAAP : The Ups and Downs

The first 100 days are never easy for any Government. AAP Government has been no exception to this.

Still the expectations are different when you compare other parties and AAP. AAP came to power at the backdrop of promises of a better Delhi. A model Delhi, which was to be emulated all across country.



Add to it, the thumping victory in Delhi. A victory that had stunned the worst of detractors of this newly formed political outfit. AAP post elections finally completes 100 days.

Here are first 100 days of AAP from the eyes of a Mango Man of this country (#100DaysofAAP) :

The Ups:

  • Anti-corruption help line and Anti-Corruption bureau

I am not sure about the success this help line has had in terms of impact. As the reports suggest, most of the calls received are frivolous on this help line.

Nevertheless, the step is a good step for Delhi. There is a number you can call to complain about sarkari officers trying to harass you for money.

Anytime someone asks you for bribe. All you got to do is call this help line and the ACB department of Delhi Government gets in to action.

This gets better, if you make a MMS to back your case.

ACB of Delhi has already caught lot of corrupt officials. Without any police support, I think this is a great success for AAP in the limited time they have had in power.

  • Promises:

Considering the leeway given to modi government in terms of fulfillment of his promises of ache din, I think we can count the promises made by AAP to be a part of ups. 100 days is too less a time to see the effect of these promises.

Time will tell, how much of implementation happens at ground level but I think, the direction taken by AAP is good.

The priorities are right.

The Downs:

This is where I get very critical. A government with such an overwhelming majority cannot have excuses. Time to face the heat.

  • Anti-media stand:

There are many who stand by Kejriwal for taking on media head on. Fortunately, I am not a part of this bandwagon. Kejriwal is too focused on frivolous topics like media supporting BJP, media trying to defame AAP, etc, etc. Someone has to go and tell him, he has bigger things to do in life.

Media is doing their job of being critical about a government sitting in Delhi. How about you ignore the media and focus on work in hand.

Why act like a victim and threaten them with defamation cases?

  • The great AAP divide:

AAP’s divided house is a butt of all social media jokes.

A party speaking in volumes about Democracy suddenly deserted Internal Democracy, when it came to taking action against the so called “Anti party activists”.

How they chucked out the Bhushan-Yadav duo was immature to say the least. In the process, they lost a lot of die-hard supporters. Today the supporters stand disillusioned with philosophy of AAP.

AAP looks like a party run by a bunch of privileged men (they barely have any women in top management) running the show.

  • The controversial MLAs:

A government not even 100 days is expected to have teething issues. In case of AAP, the teething issues have gone longer than expected. As a matter of fact, the teeth are out but the party still does not know how to chew.

One of their MLA, jairnal singh has been declared absconding by a court. Another one, Mr. Tomar has been found to have a fake degree, etc, etc.

Too many controversies in too little time has taken away the sheen of AAP’s landslide victory.

  • Kejriwal post Elections:

I am tired of seeing Kejriwal everywhere. There is too much of Kejriwal with AAP. The worst part is the newer version of Kejriwal is always trying to gain public sympathy, make stupid statements or hog media limelight for unwanted stuff.

The farmer suicide case, the recent case where a traffic police office had allegedly hit a woman with a brick, etc, etc. He was supposed to show some maturity and handle these cases with a little elegance.

Instead of going into the depth of issue, Kejriwal made it look like a battle between delhi police and delhi government. For him, every move by delhi police is a personal attack. He wants to take them head on.

Time has come for Kejriwal to come out of his “bechara mould”. He is the CM of Delhi not some anti-corruption crusader sitting on a dharna.

Delhi is not an easy state to rule. He should have known this before participating in elections.

BJP holds the string to Delhi through Governor of Delhi. They are playing their cards smartly. Despite Kejriwal checkmating them in elections, BJP has won all battles against the new Kejriwal by provoking him to take unwanted steps.

Kejriwal’s team is running out of ideas. (I hope they are not missing Yadav’s smartness in reining media 🙂  )

The Centre’s grip on Delhi was bound to evoke conflicts between him and center. Why not act diplomatically? Let public form its own opinion.

The cry baby trick does not always work. Time for him to cut the crap and get back to what we elected him for.

Waiting for things to change in next 100 days of AAP.

  • The “not so Aam Aadmi” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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