42 and still going strong: the dirty world of Vyapam Scam

As per Japanese culture, 42 is the unlucky number because of the sound produced on pronouncing two digits separately. Lucky is what this number has been for the brainchild behind the Vyapam scheme.

They have managed to take care of 42 witness or accused of the infamous vyapam scam.

Courtesy : archive.patrika.com

Courtesy : archive.patrika.com

The scam estimated to be around 1200 Cr involves who’s who of Madhya Pradesh. From RSS functionary to bigwigs of BJP, the scam’s list of accused involves everyone.

In short, you can call this as the 2G scam of Congress.

Now what makes this scam so intriguing is not the involvement of high profile names but the mysterious deaths which have occurred, since the scam was unearthed.

From the high-profile son of governor to teachers, students. Everyone deemed dangerous to the people behind scam has been knocked off under mysterious circumstances.

Whom do you turn to in face of such adversity is the question the remaining accused must be thinking? Not government is my answer. The remaining accused should run out of country. Take shelter in some other country or go underground. The state government of Madhya Pradesh is not going to be of any help.

They remain defiant, when asked on the reason behind these deaths. In fact, the state home minister does not want a probe to be conducted in these deaths. According to him, these are all natural deaths.

I totally agree with him. 42 is a small number, when you compare the number of people, who die because of apathetic attitude of government during natural calamities (read : Uttarakhand’s officers partied during floods).

Moreover, I am confident until and unless, this number suffices a 0 behind. Thereby making it 420. No one in the country will realize how we are being played on. This is a 420 scam, where the audacity of killers should be applauded. They have remorselessly killed 42 people without fear of police, law or government.

Oh I am sorry. They did not kill 42 people. 42 people committed suicide or died under natural circumstances.

What inspired the brainchild behind this scam to get on a killing rampage is still unknown. I am sure, the inspiration is from one of our Bollywood movies from 90s.

The plot is simple. Big names are involved in scam. They cannot kill themselves. They hire henchmen to do the dirty job. Henchmen go around killing accused, whistle blowers, etc, etc. All the murders are made to look like natural deaths or suicides. Since police is in cahoots with the killers, no probe is ordered.

Everyone is killed till no one is there to stand in court and speak against the murderers.

The only difference from movies is, we do not have a hero who sings few songs with the actress, kills the bad guys and takes the badla 🙂

This is the real world. The only hero “The Mango Man” is too scared of politicians, busy with the day-to-day fight and tired of this nautanki.

I am getting my weekend tickets booked for Jurassic park. The dinosaurs outside in the cultured world are too dangerous to be seen. I would rather watch them in virtual world in cinema.

  • The “42 years old” Mango Man

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