5 reasons why AAP has turned into Another Ape Party

I am one of those mango men who saw the last ray of hope in AAP to save this country from going to dogs. How wrong was I? Months after winning the elections, the party has turned into just another political party trying to ape what others have done best or should I write “worst” for years.

Here is why AAP has turned into Another Ape Party:

  1. The cult of Supreme Leader:

Every time you cross Delhi, you cannot help but notice kejriwal’s pic flashing on hoardings. He still has not changed.



The inimitable belligerent rebellious look stares you in your eyes. The only question these ads makes me ask is “Why is AAP so stuck on Kejriwal?” Isn’t this Aam Aadmi Party? Or has this party turned into Aam Arvind Party. You cannot help but notice the striking similarity in how Kejriwal, Modi and Rahul Gandhi have become bigger than their party brands.

The cult of these leaders has become a synonym for their parties.

  1. No land for dissent:

What happened behind doors in AAP’s party meeting, where they threw out series of leaders is a secret. The blind Kejriwal supporters (I meant AAP supporters). I don’t know why I keep mixing the two.

So where was i?

Ahh ok. The blind supporters of Kejrial’s AAP justified ouster of Yogendra and Bhushan. According to them, both were bad apples. By then, I had already been disillusioned by AAP. My clear mind refused to buy their bull shit argument.

Fast forward to today. You will notice, the voice of dissent growing loud in Punjab. Everyone not in line with Kejriwal and his new management (consisting of few ex-journalists) complains of high handedness. There is a lack of democracy inside party.

Frankly speaking. You cannot blame them entirely. AAP, a party formed piggy banking on the issue of lok ayukta has been without lok ayukta for month.

How can you expect anyone to have a voice in the party, where there is no internal mechanism to make yourself heard.

This is so similar to what every political does today. Kudos to AAP for picking so fast from other parties.


  1. Ad budget on public money

Kejriwal.  Oops my mistake. AAP’s budget allocation for advertisement, promotion of their government is a whopping 500 cr+. Now this is some money required to self-promote. I love these guys. They give the best of politicians a run for their money. The best part is, they are happy to spend this money from public money.

Think of what all can be done in 500 cr. I cannot think of anything at present. The money is too huge for my mind to make any sense 🙂

Dear AAP. I know you are no more media’s favorite child. You miss your photo in front page news. But 500 cr.

Kuch jyada nahi ho gaya?

You just shot yourself in your foot by showing your not so Aam Aadmi side to public.

  1. The Politcial bohemie:

If you look at the intensity of hugs kejriwal has given nitish kumar, you can very well confuse them for two long lost brothers from kumbh ka mela. Nitish Kumar is Lalu’s latest chaddi buddy. The same lalu who did not even spare buffalo’s food to fill his stomach.

Either the anti-corruption crusader, Kejriwal is too blind to see the dark side of aligning with a so called non corrupt secular alliance (I am not sure what the hell is this) or Kejriwal is taking us all for a ride.


  1. Reward for loyalists

Looking at rewards, his loyalists are getting. Don’t you wish you were a part of kejriwal’s struggle? Well. You and I missed the bus. The ones who took the danda for him have been heavily rewarded. From DCW chief to a journalist, who despite not being a direct minister gets perks of a minister, every single loyalist of Kejriwal is rewarded.

Always remember. To succeed in life, you have to keep your boss happy. This is a mantra adopted by every aspiring politician today. Look at the reward, they have reaped in AAP. AAP is no less than another political party. They know how to keep their dear ones happy.

If my last article analyzing 100 days of AAP was an indication of things to come. Believe me, my prophecy has come true. AAP has turned into another political party.

Their failure will be spoken at length in future. They have taught us why we should never trust any wanna be politician, who promises us moon and delivers bull shit.

Delhiites. You have failed yourself by voting for this party. They are no better than BJP, Congress or any other political party.

I am done. Before AAPtards start trolling me with their BJP did this, Modi does this, Congress has done that BS. Please remember, we got AAP because we wanted them to not do what others have done or are doing.

AAPtards can troll me now 🙂

  • The “ASLI” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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