5 Takeaways from JNU Incident

  1. The concept of Bharat Mata is crystal clear

My concept of Bharat Mata was very vague before JNU Incident.

We live in a country where we do not pay our taxes. (only a single digit population of this country pays taxes) or we

Courtesy: www.tribuneindia.com

Courtesy: www.tribuneindia.com

find ways to evade taxes.

We bribe illegal travel agencies to send us to the promised foreign land. Once we reach there, we only wish our India or Bharat Mata was as good as our new country of residence.

We are willing to pay the bribe at a drop of a pin.

Our political system has sucked the country dry. We still hero-worship our politicians.

Poor have no rights.

Rich don’t care for rights.

Our jingoistic approach to patriotism shows only during India-Pakistan Cricket matches or when Pakistan attacks India.

In short, we are on auto pilot destruction mode.

All this happens on our dear land of Bharat Mata.

JNU incident has divided citizens of the country as traitor and Patriots.

Those who speak against the law of land (the ruling party) dishonour Bharat Mata are bloody traitors.

The rest are Patriots.

Those who support government’s “prompt” crackdown on anti-national activists in JNU are the new patriots. While the other group, which has asked for proof of the anti-national activities in JNU is deemed as traitor.

Traitors who have no love for Bharat Mata.

Traitors who stand mute and give away meekly to the demands of anti-nationals.

Traitors who have the audacity to question our government’s actions in bringing a high volatile situation under control by pressing sedition charges against a group of protesting students in JNU.

After JNU incident here is the unofficial list of traitors and patriots in India:

  • Patriots:
    • Lawyers of Delhi for beating the shit out of JNU president and anyone who opposed them.
    • OP Sharma for thrashing a CPI leader and promising to beat more anti-national buggers.
    • Delhi police for enjoying the spectacle of anti-nationals beaten black and blue mutely and meekly.
    • ABVP for complaining to police.
    • Closet patriots. A rare group of patriots who are willing to loot country at the drop of a pin but do not shy away from flaunting their patriotism by writing strong emails, fb messages, whatsapp messages.
    • Zee News Team and media house similar to Zee News. For working with zeal, enthusiasm and energy to catch these anti-nationals red-handed. They kept playing the video till the public was forced to take sides.
  • Traitors:
    • All student organizations other than ABVP.
    • Press/media for covering JNU incident biasedly.
    • The average Mango Man for not understanding, why such heavy force was required to control JNU incident.
  1. Zee News is the “Patriotic” Channel

Our ever alerts media loves to play the role of watchdog. They were as prompt as ever this time to catch the culprits.

A prominent media house owned by a maverick personality, who autobiography launch was attended by none other than Mr. Modi, the incumbent prime minister was the first one to catch the anti-nationals of JNU.

Zee News in past has been in wrong news for extorting money from a leading business house of country. This time they decided to wash all their sins (paap) by helping government catch the culprits.

They worked with alacrity.

Video taped the whole incident in an unbiased manner (very unlike media). Before the news hungry public could watch some biased news, they helped us form an opinion against the traitors of this country by dedicating their whole news section to this incident.

That’s another story that they remained mum when their fellow media person from other media houses were beaten by lawyers in Patiala House.


  1. The “British” sedition charges are now Indianized

How many times have we heard our friends ask us “Angrej chaley gaye tujhey yahan chodh gaye (British left the country but left you behind)?

The same is true for “Sedition charges”. The greatest weapon of oppression used by British for years to oppress the voice of freedom is now back in a desi avatar.

Sedition charges are the new charges to discharge those who dare to raise their voice against the rulers.

Our indianized-desi version is deadlier and smarter. We can produce doctored videos to put anyone behind bars for not falling in line.

And everyone thought we cannot ape the British smartly. We have made their rules smart and intelligent.

Take this You British!

  1. Delhi police is not thulla

Arvind Kejriwal once called Delhi Police a Thulla. I found it very derogatory. I even wrote a blog supporting (I am not kidding) my misunderstood Delhi Police brothers.

How can you call a police thulla, when one of the undertrial in their custody is beaten black and blue by a bunch of lawyers in front of their eyes?

They were just performing their duty of getting the JNU president beaten for being anti-national.

The same police which can use a danda on students for protesting outside minister ji’s office found no reason to save the person, they were to take to court safely.

Don’t you call them a Thulla.

They were only following the orders of high command to get this guy beaten by external elements.

Kanhaiya Kumar must be a happy man. At least, he did not get beaten in police custody. There are thousands of unreported cases in our country, where police officers take presumed culprits in police custody and beat them till they confess the crime they have not committed. (all this is done without any warrant or legality involved).

I am sure the beating by Lawyers was nothing in comparison to what police could have done to him. Kanhaiya Kumar should thank his stars and not curse his luck.

The police have not touched him till now.

  1. Long live student politics

Rohith Vemula, a student of Hyderabad University lost his life to student politics. The incident led to huge uproar all across country.

We thought things will change for good after his death. Student politics will take a step back and let the education system run without any intervention from political parties.

Unfortunately, the situation remains as grim as it was before his death.

NSUI, ABVP, AAP’s student wing, Left’s student wing, etc, etc. Show me one political party without a student wing.

Time is not far when schools will have student’s wing.

If I think again. This is not a bad idea at all.

As they say “catch them young”.

Screw Studies. The nation needs young blood today. It might need younger blood tomorrow. So there is no harm in grooming them in party ideology at a young age.

I am still undecided on where do I place myself. I do not support the anti-India slogans raised in JNU (if they were raised) and I am against the approach taken by our government in suppressing a voice which did not agree with them.

Time for me to choose my loyalty.

If I align with the ruling party, I am a Patriot else I can soon expect the not so seductive sedition charges to knock at my door.

Long live Indian Democracy!

  • The “Left-Right” Mango Man

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