A 3 pointer on why IPL is killing Cricket?

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Remember the first season of IPL, when all the excitement, hype and advertisement were worth every single minute we spent watching this innovative idea of Mr. Modi on idiot box.

What started as a boon for cricket is slowly turning in to cricket’s nemesis, which if not bought in to the right track will drown cricket.

Here is my 3 pointer on why IPL is a slow poison for Cricket:

1. Fatigued Players

Imagine a team coming after winning the world cup and then being asked to play IPL. No wonder, most of the Indian team has opted out of west Indie’s tour and are resting at home recuperating from injuries, they picked up during IPL.

Worse is that since IPL was just after world cup, they have decided to give West Indies tour a slip. Now did I just give the heading as “Fatigued Players”…you know what I mean J

2. Loyalty crisis

Agreed that IPL has done wonders by bringing players from different countries to play under a single team and has redefined how cricket runs but what happens when it comes to choosing loyalty in between country and money.

I do not doubt Dhoni or Tendulkar’s commitment and obviously no one should. Still why did they choose to take rest from West Indies tour and what were pollard, bravo and gayle doing in IPL, when their countries were playing international cricket.

The loyalties have shifted and IPL is slowly killing cricket by shifting loyalty of players from cricket to money.

3. The big bully, BCCI


Did I just call BCCI a bully??? Oh well yes I did and let me add to it by calling it the worst cricket board in the world, which can anytime twist ICC’s arms to make it work their way. Cricket is a religion in India and BCCI are truly acting like Gods of this religion.

The supreme body of cricket, ICC has so many times come down on in its knees in front of BCCI and its stupid bully tactics that sometimes I feel ICC is not required and it should be overtaken by BCCI.

Anyways they need not worry about it, we have sent our most corrupt politician sharad pawar over there and sooner or later ICC will have to change its name from International Cricket Council to Indian Corrupt Council.

BCCI controls IPL and virtually dictates everything related to ICC. They wanted a separate calendar for IPL in international season and talks are still being held to accommodate the same. I don’t understand, is IPL an international tournament, where countries play against each other or is it a desi tournament???

Seeing IPL, our poor counter pals, Srilanka, whose cricket board has literally gone bankrupt after overspending in world cup, has decided to start their own premier league. I hope they don’t start demanding an international calendar for their league.

Wait-2 it’s not over, how can I forget Mr. Srinivasan, who owns Chennai Super Kings and is a one of the senior most officer in BCCI. Without mentioning him, the bully part of BCCI remains incomplete. He wears two hats of an owner and of an official in BCCI, which by default makes it a conflict of interest for IPL team owners. He also has the most powerful players in his team and has recently been in controversy when some Mr. Modi(I still remember him) crossed swords with him on some issues, which resulted in Modi getting chucked out of IPL.

Mr. Srinivasan has also been accused of threatening franchisee owners by sending those scary sms.

4. Anyone for Test Cricket?


Have you ever thought about the purest form of cricket? Ask a seasoned cricketer and he will tell you that it is test cricket. I know that we all love the slam bang and the adrenaline pumping, T-20 Cricket, where scantily clad cheer leaders dance on every shot and hate to watch test cricket, which drags on for 5 days (without cheer leaders L ).

The point is that this is the form of cricket, which requires excellent technique, skill and a patience to sustain full 5 days of cricket. A test cricket century is a dream for every aspiring cricketer and this is how it has been for so many years.

Today the whole scenario is changed, cricketers do not want to play test cricket and cricket boards are hell bent on reducing the number of test matched, so that IPL can be accommodated.

No wonder everyone raised an eyebrow, when ravi bopara refused to play the lucrative IPL because he wanted to concentrate on his test carrier and we all created so much fuss about him missing such a great opportunity.

In my opinion, he did the right thing. He knew what cricket is all about and this is where his mind and heart should be.

Lastly IPL is no more fun. The TRPs were at an all-time low in the last season. Fans were yawning on one sided games and above all, it took away the charm of cricket. There was a time when we would eagerly await every game India had to play, even if it was against Zimbabwe or Kenya and today, India is playing west indies with a team of second hand players, which is led by Suresh Raina, who happens to be close to Praful Patel’s daughter, who is an influential figure in NCP, the party which virtually runs BCCI. Do i smell a rat about raina becoming India’s captain so soon J…Before you call me a Bloody cynic, who cannot see Raina’s amazing cricketing skills and extraordinary leadership qualities J, please look at his average in this West Indies series and then get back to me.

I will leave you at this point thinking about IPL and its boring matches.

Bye, Khuda Haafiz and till I write next, keep sending me your view.


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