United Janta Parivar’s first test is Bihar Elections

Why do we need a United Janata Parivar is the question everyone’s asking. I don’t think anyone has an answer to this tigdam of so many janata dals coming together under the leadership of Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Janta Dal Parivar

I am not a big time supporter of BJP or Congress but this new alliance definitely gives me more confidence to vote for BJP or Congress. I might be a little naïve in understanding the amalgamation of the great logic behind this great alliance but if i have my facts right. This alliance is absurd.

Consider the following facts:

  1. None of the parties forming this Parivar has a Centre Level Presence:

Count the total number of lok sabha seats all these parties won together in last elections. What you get is a small number, which does not have any affect or influence at the Center level. All of them combined together are pygmies in comparison to other major parties like TMC and AIADMK, who can actually claim to be real opposition.

If they did this alliance for state level, they were better off without the alliance. If this was done to influence centre level policies, they don’t know have the numbers in their favor.

  1. Too many leaders to lead the Parivar:

Every group has a leader. Alas! The Janata Parivar has too many of them. I still cannot imagine Deve gowda, Mulayam singh and sharad yadav bowing to the commands of any one decided as the parivar leader. Add to the list, the charismatic Lalu Yadav and you have a pack of leaders looking for a leader to lead them. Too many egos to take care off.

I wish Mulayam Yadav best of luck with leading the pack.

  1. Will the Corruption stop?

Other than Nitish Kumar, it is difficult to name one untainted leader in the flock. All of them have had their share of corruption and scandals. How on this earth do they expect us to believe they will not get down to looting public money in unison.

Bihar elections is the first test of United Janta Parivar. From my point, Nitish Kumar has done a blunder by siding with Lalu Yadav. He was bought in to get rid of jungle raj of Lalu. He did a commendable job during his incumbency. I think he can win these elections without help of Lalu. As a matter of fact, there is unwanted confusion for those who dont want to get back lalu and see Nitish again for another tenure.

I am as confused as you are.

The dream of JP Narayan is a distant dream with the new “Janta Parivar”. Irrespective of how hard these parties try, they will head down the CPI way. The parting of ways for them is inevitable.

– The “Janata ka ” Mangoman

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Author: The Mango Man

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