Aamir khan and the type of Violence (AIB Roast)

“To err is human”.

Unfortunately, no one can tell Aamir he erred with his comments on AIB Roast.

He is too big a personality to be told anything. If you don’t trust me, ask his fellow costars, producers, directors on how he ensures a movie made with him has only one star “Aamir Khan”. If you still doubt my comments, cAIB Roastall up AB jr. and ask him about dhoom 3 experience.

Lucky for us, social media has public which does not care about his start stature or the type of social activist he has projected himself as

And if the latest discussions on internet are to be believed, everyone has been equivocal in condemning Aamir’s view points on AIB Roast.

According to Aamir, AIB roast was a violent event. Then he went on to explain different types of Violence like emotional valance, etc, etc.

With his explanation on Violence, I have been able to discover difference kind of violence. Here is the list:

  1. Delhi Belly: Laughable Violent?

Humm…One movie which you can never watch with your parents other than the gangs of Wasseypur 😉 is Delhi Belly. I don’t need to go into details of why you should not watch this with your parents but here is a song to ring few bells:

Bhag-2 Bose DK-Bose DK

Anyone with a little sense of Hindi will understand what BoseDk means.

And the thoroughly enjoyable movie had much more. See Mr. Khan, I still call it a thoroughly enjoyable movie because I laughed my ass off and loved the movie.

In your language, I will categorize this movie as a Laughable Violent Movie and I still would like to pass my complaint for airing the bosedk song too often on TV Channels. We are family people, who watch sanskarik saas bahu serials at home. Why make us hear bhag-2 BosedK 🙂 during family time.

  1. PK : Religiously Violent?

Even you will agree with me on this. The same class of people, who criticized your PK are the ones, who are after the life of AIB team. Do you really want to team up with them and become the new “Culture Savior” of Country?

In between, many of my family members were heavily offended with your portrayal of Lord Shiva in movie. I know, you were not the producer of movie but aren’t you the one poking your nose in every minor details of your movie? Did the guy portraying Lord Shiva in the movie escape your eyes?

As per one of my relatives, Hindus are too tolerant to let someone portray their gods so deplorably and I am not a Hindu. You can imagine, how Hindus would feel about this? Anyways, I was cool with the movie and loved it.

But are you going to come out and call this movie a form of violence called as Religious Violence

  1. Satyamev Jayate : Intellectual Violence?

You are an emotional man. We all saw your emotions during Satyamev Jayate and how much you were able to make us teary eyed with your show.

No doubt, some of this was genuine but not all of it.

I can guarantee there was a chemical or two involved in getting those watery eyes. I mean, there were episodes, when you were teary eyed before we could even understand the issue.

No offence intended but some of the episodes were over the top and you did offend a lot of public with one side portrayal of story.

What do we call this? “Intellectual Violence”.

Now, this AIB Roast was a new trend. Forget the type of violence you saw there. This was our chance to give wings to freedom of speech and expression through a new concept. This was when, you could have come and supported your fellow industry members.

You let us down.

You just gave a badge to the new breed of intolerant public.

Others might agree with you or hero-worship you but I don’t.

You have hero offended me with your comments (I just made up the word “hero offended” to give it more weighing).

My family did not watch AIB roast but I did and it was hilariously violent.

Guess what, we have Russell Peters coming to India this week. What are you going to tell him?

How will you classify his spicy Non vegetarian jokes on Indians?

Call him f***g “Foreign Violent” and see his reaction 🙂


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Author: The Mango Man

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