AAP ke style effects

Imagine a world where your elected leader visits your home after elections to ask you about your problems or a political leader not using government allocated car for official travels. Well I don’t know about other countries but in India, I would be like “Seriously…You must be kidding J “.

This is what AAP has done to the national level politics and though kejriwal is no superman, he Aam Aaadmi Part Capis definitely a common man, who has stuck the chord with the common people or aam aadmi. Welcome to the new world of politics, where suddenly everyone is trying to ape the Delhi ka CM.

The effects of AAP are being felt through the country but what about style effects. The same style effects, which are a part of our hip-hop youngsters for whom a guy like me in 30s is an oldie L

Here is a list of AAP ke style effects:

1. The Nehru topi with a twist is the “in-thing”

When was the last time you logged into facebook and saw your closest buddy wearing a topi, which chacha Nehru flaunted on his head all the time and this one had the coolest thing written on it “Aam Aadmi” or “Mango man”…Yeah. Forget hoodies or hats, the in thing is AAP ki topi.

2. Dharnas are cool and hunger strikes are super cool:

Everyone wants to go on a dharna these days. From leaders of ruling party to leaders of opposition party. The funny thing is that the word dharna is no more associated with oldie leaders or a bunch of politically depressed people, it is “The Thing” and guess what, you have just raised the strike thing to a new level, if you decide to go an “A hunger strike”. Yes, the same hunger strike, where you don’t get to eat in front of press/media and hog behind the tent.

For some reason, the above two are perfect constituents of getting a cool selfie clicked and this happened before selfie was included in oxford.

3. The unclish Muffler is no more for uncles:

The next time you cross an old uncle wearing a muffler around his neck like it is some kind of a python trying to strangle him. Don’t you dare mock him…This is the new style statement from our own kejri. If rumors are to be believed, this unclish muffler look would soon be a mandatory part of delhi police as soon as they come under delhi government.

4. I only talk on social media:

Tweet or facebook posts were always about I went to this place, I ate here, blah-2 till AAP came into picture and suddenly the whole world is talking sense on these platforms and you are a dinosaur if you don’t know how to tweet or post facebook post for standing up for national issues.

You also are not a famous tweeter or facebook poster or postman (I just made it up. There is nothing like this 😉 )

If you are not a party troll. i.e, you have to be a AAP troll or a congress or BJP troll and social media is  the place to be, if you care for your country.

5. 10 bucks can give you a membership:

What do you get these days in 10 bucks? At least in delhi/ncr, you don’t even get peanuts from street hawkers. Imagine a membership for 10 bucks. You got to be kidding!!! Suddenly everything is so cheap, even the bloody onion and tomatoes are expensive than this.

Yes. 10 rupees has a new meaning. It gives you the ticket to AAP .


There are many more like you cannot scold your maid about not using the right broom (jhadu). She just might call up AAP and get your wrong places spanked with the party which owns the symbol 😉

And then every time you address someone with respect in hindi, it sounds so AAPish.

Time for congress and bjp to think beyond hand and flowers. They seemed to have missed the style statement of youth 😉

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Author: The Mango Man

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