Airindia : The parasite Maharaja living off taxpayers money

Air India is a business any business owner would love to own in this country.

Where else in the world do you get a business, where you have foolish investors (read: public of this country) not questioning the plus and minuses of your balance sheet.

Every time you get into losses, you get a lottery ticket en-cashed to keep you afloat.

Irrespective of all the criticism, The Maharaja in Indian skies is one business, which has stood the test of times and

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obviously money :).

Despite all the hue and cry about dumping this airline, the government will never get rid of Maharaja.

Have you ever thought why?

Well…It should be an easy thing to do, considering the company hasn’t seen profit for ages.

Here is my take on why Government will never dump Air India:

  1. The reliable “never so old” staff:

This is one airlines, which can boast of thousands of staffs working without any accountability.They even have a trade union of employees to protect their rights.

You scold them, they go on strike.

You threaten them with repercussions for bad quality of service, they go on strike.

They threaten to go on strike at the drop of a pin.

While all the airlines are queuing up to get the smartest and youngest of “hot females” and “cool dudes” to be part of their crew, Air India believes in old is gold.

I have no biases against age being a reason for any work but this is airline business we are talking about. This is a business, where youth is a synonym with the flight staff.

Have you ever been misbehaved by staff officials of any airline?

Try Air India. Their staff puts the word ethics to shame.

Despite all this, why can’t they change their staff?

All the points mentioned above are secondary, when you talk about loyalty. The rude staff of Air India gives loyalty to the every ageing sarkari airline.

The “Loyalty” is what keeps them with the Sarkar. The karmas of loyalty have always had an upper hand over quality of work.

How can this be a different case? and why would government risk offending a Union?

Every vote counts 🙂

  1. How will our Government travel?

Imagine a scenario, where there was no Air India and government officials from bureaucrats to politicians had to travel within the country on private airlines.

The private airlines will not wait for 1.5 hours because Mantri ji got late in a meeting or had loose motions.

This is unimaginable scenario.

The government would fail. How will your politicians travel around the country and click selfies of them travelling cattle class? Or how will our politicians take their entourage of near-far relatives, cows, goats, etc with them?

This would be utter chaos. I am in favor of never letting this airline die because it keeps our country running.

Lastly, we cannot expect our politicians to use chartered planes of business houses every day.

Kuch toh jawab dena hai bhai!


  1. The airline makes profits for our Leaders

Once upon a time, this government-run airline was a market leader in the country with a mark share of 60%. Today, the lazy airline and its super lazy staff drags itself in the race with 5th or 6th position, out of 5 or 6 competitors flying in the country, which very well means they are struggling at the bottom of race.

By now, you filthy capitalists would be licking your lips with the thought of government dis-investing in this white elephant.

You are absolutely wrong. This is one game where our politicians beat you.

For you, every cow that does not give milk is not profitable. Which is not how our politicians look at businesses. They have the smartness to sell cow dung and still be rich 🙂 .

This airline means serious business for our politicians.

They can merge with Indian Airlines as per their convenience or they can buy planes at a higher price or sell them cheap and gallop the kickbacks.

They can do any damn thing with this public property and make money.

So even if this is not profitable in balance sheets, it keeps the cash flowing for the black money bank accounts (don’t ask me what is black money now 😉 ).

Before I end the articles, here are a list of recent scams of Air India:

Air India hit by another scam; writes to CBI for probe

Ex-minister Praful Patel forced Air India to buy excess aircraft

And many more. Just search “Air India scams” on google and enjoy reading about the “Great Udan Khatola Tamasha”.

“Your Place in The sky” is the tag line of Air India and Maharaja is the mascot of Air India. They truly work like a Maharaja, since they have a kingdom to pay taxes for funding their misdeeds and take care of the lousy raja.

As far as “Your Place in the sky” is concerned…I liked “King of Good times” more.

At least, King of Good Times ensured the flight experience was worth every penny spent.


Author: The Mango Man

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