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This is one interesting news.

Read : Absent from 50% employees

What this news means:

  1. Success/Victory for our government employees. No one can change them. Irrespective of the leader who comes to rule them, they stay immune to change
  2. No one can find the time spent by them on “Tea”. The “Chai par charcha” by government employees still
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    remain unaccounted for.

  3. The leave management can never be linked to the time spent by them in office. i.e, they are free birds not some time bound government employees chained in the cages of government office.
  4. NIC will design a new fool-proof system 🙂 . I put a smiley because they are the implementation agency of this project and they have the most number of damaged devices. A typical case of “Who will police the Policeman?”

What this news does not mean is:

  1. There will be any strict action taken on government employees not using the system. Have you ever heard of unions? Take the stick and spank some of these guys to see what union can do.
  2. Extra rewards for those using the system. I don’t want to go into this. They already have so many rewards under the table. Why account your time for some meager amount.
  3. Government will launch another portal called as to mark anyone not using as absent by default
  4. Government employee will work hard and improve the number of 50% marking their attendance on the day this news was published. On the contrary, they will make sure this number goes down. By end of year, we should have only 5% using the system. No wonder, slow death is an apt description for all government schemes.
  5. Government departments are inefficient. Damn! How can they be inefficient? Their efficiency is in their brain. They use their brain optimally. i.e, most work in least time.

Frankly speaking, this system is a sham system. Our sarkari employees are too smart to be tamed by any technology.

I have personally worked with them. They can outwit you in seconds to find creative ways to not get traced.

The only place you can trace them is when they have chai.

Modi ji. How about placing a tracking device on tea cups?

Let’s catch them at chai par charcha.

  • The “Punctual” Mango Man

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