Beef-Meat Ban @Twitter

Our over-enthusiastic Government in its pursuit to discipline the citizens of this country has been on a ban spree. Earlier, it was beef ban to save the Holy Cow and now we have the Meat Ban to appease Jains during their festival season.

I have done my best in past to oppose our regressive Government through these articles:

a. Who benefits the most from Porn Ban

b. When IIT-Madras banned its student’s body

c. Eat-Drink-Pay by Government rules

d. Social Media Ban : Why Govt. is so scared?

e. Why curb Hic-Hic Hurray for Political Mileage?

This time when Maharashtra Government decided to go ahead with Meat Ban, i turned to twitter.

These are some of best pics i selected from Twitter on the controversy surrounding #Beefban #Meatban . I hope our Government sees sense. High time, they stop acting like grumpy, frustrated politicians.

All these bans have turned out “Democracy”into a  “Demon-A-Crazy” controlled by the leaders elected by us.

  • The ‘Ban-Ban” Mango Man

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Author: The Mango Man

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