Bihar Elections :A Story of Hawabaaz, Kaamkaji and Confused Voters

Dates of much awaited Bihar elections are out. Bihar’s destiny will be decided in a time duration of 5 day. Just one short of a test match 🙂 . Not getting into details of why 5 days are kept aside for this battle. I will move to why this election is a game of confusions for voters.

All participating political parties in this elections have done some Jumla or other to find partners to add to their armory. This is also first time when Jumla ( a patented trademark of a Sr. leader) is being used before elections. Imagine Jumla before elections. Amit Shah should teach these guys a thing or two on why Jumla should only be used Bihar Electionsafter elections are over 😉

“Gathbandhan/alliance” Jumla of these political parties has made these upcoming elections of Bihar so confusing. I am as zapped as other voters of Bihar on whom to vote.

I see desperation in all these unholy alliances.

Quoting Henry Rollins “Weakness is what brings ignorance, cheapness, racism, homophobia, desperation, cruelty, brutality, all these things that will keep a society chained to the ground, one foot nailed to the floor.”

I will go one by one analyzing why every political “gathbandan” before Bihar elections leaves Mango men of this country in a tizzy.

a. BJP – Paswan – Manjhi – Papu (not raga) Alliance

To support BJP is to support a political party without a CM candidate. Nothing wrong in a decisions which is a tried and tested formula in all states. Only for the difference, Modi of present is a little different than Modi of past. I am sure BJP’s strategy team figured out before time, why PM’s name might not be enough to help them sail through Bihar elections with a comfortable victory.

Hence, they decided to make a combo pack for Voters. Big Bazaar type combo pack. You get a Pepsi bottle free with 5 packets of lays 🙂 .

BJP is banking on Modi ji’s popularity, Manjhi ji’ s dalit vote bank, paswan’s backward cast vote bank (value addition to manjhi) and papus’s ______ 🙂 (No comments).

Given a choice (I am not from Bihar, so no voting rights for me in these elections), I seriously would want to vote for Narendra Modi, if he was a CM candidate. Unfortunately, he is PM of country and despite all his multitasking skills, he cannot double up as a CM and PM as per constitution. So what we have with us is Sumo (Sushil Modi) not Namo.

Even, Sumo’s CM candidature as a CM candidate is under cloud, considering Manjhi’s latest bohemie with BJP.
By the way, even if I have to support BJP. I can tolerate Manjhi but there is no way I am going to support a party backing Papu Yadav, the dreaded politician of Bihar.

I think BJP missed a trick by not naming a CM candidate for state before elections. By keeping the guessing game running for longer than expected, they have made a shatru out of their own Patna MP Shatru “shot gun” Sinha. Khamosh!

Before, I spend more time explaining more confusions in this alliance. I should leave them to their political astuteness.

b. Nitish – Lalu – Congress Combo

I have a question for Nitish Kumar. Sir! You earlier won bihar elections to keep Lalu away from power. Why on this mother “Bihar“ earth would you want to go back and shake hands with “king of Jungle (oops fodder) Raj” of Bihar?

Your love for Janta Parivar, a failed alliance of parties driven by personal agenda cannot be such a big reason to forget past. This step undermines your place as a strong politician.

Nevertheless, Lalu ji has kept us entertained till date with his mimicry of Modi. All his family including of N number of kids intend to fight election from their dad’s party. This is one political party that does not have to look beyond their party to find candidates for elections. Their party Supremo has given them enough to give them as many candidates as they want (all in house production).

Joining the bandwagon is Congress. I won’t dwell into logic behind their entry in this grand alliance. They are too irrelevant to make a mark in Bihar.

Call it desperation or Vinash kaley Viprit Budhi. All of them have dug their grave by joining hands.
In between, what is Kejriwal up to? Why does he have to do so many photo ops with Nitish Kumar? Didn’t his party promise us a different political outfit? I am assuming, Lalu ji (alliance partner of Nitish kumar) does not fit his criteria. As i wrote earlier, every day i see them repeating what other political parties do, i cannot help but wonder “Have they turned into Another Ape party?

c. Extras : Samajwadi Party and NCP

Both these party have minimal presence in Bihar. I have written their name in list to give a chance to underdogs. Who does not love a good fight from underdogs? At least, I do. Since, they had guts to walk away from “Grand Alliance” formulated against Lalu-Nitish-Congress alliance, I salute their audacity.

Mulayam ji (neta ji) decided to walk away from Janta Parivar abruptly. Reason being, his party was not given the respect they deserved in Bihar by Nitish. In retaliation to this “Be-ijjati”, they have decided to fight from all seats in Bihar. Although this reminds me of AAP during Lok Sabha Elections, I cannot take the Willy political from Uttar Pradesh lightly. SP is an experienced political outfit with huge presence across country. I wish them luck!

NCP too decided to walk away from grand alliance because of lack of proper quote of seats not given to their party by “selfish” Nitish. I wish them luck too! I hope Sharad pawar opens some sugar factories in Bihar after winning elections. Bihar definitely needs a super star like him to turn around state’s destiny to uplift rich….Oops. I meant poor. Forgive my slip of tongue 😉

Cast equations, alliance of “Honest” (pun intended) politicians, clear intentions of “helping poor” or divine intervention to save Bihar can only explain these alliances.

As one of my college bihari friends would have defined this situation in his inimitable style “Arey Budbak! Eeh toh bahut garda kar diye hain! Hum confujia gaye hain kisko vote karein” (good old college days 😉 )

God save the confused voter of Bihar from hawabaazi, kaamkaaji and party with no baaji.

– The “Budbak” Mangoman

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Author: The Mango Man

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