BJP-PDP marriage was never made in heaven

This is the first time BJP (since coming to power) is at a receiving end from an alliance partner.

Till now, all the alliance partners have always towed the line drawn by the big brother. If there was an issue in alliance, the power house at the center showed the alliance partner (minority partner) a stick. Willingly or unwillingly, the partners always fell in line. Some out of fear of losing funds from center, others out of fear of losing,

whatever little they had in the central or state government.

Accept it or deny it, Jammu and Kashmir is a different ball game. This is one state, which functions different from other Indian states. To start with, the state has a Muslim majority. My common sense tells me this majority of state and minority of country does not give BJP any votes. Secondly, the state unlike other states is governed by a different set of rules ranging from more control for state government to army’s power in the state.

When the J & K elections happened, BJP’s aim was to form a majority government in the state. It would be an understatement to say “They worked out of their skin” to try to reach the magical number. As a matter of fact, BJP worked tirelessly to win the state with a majority. One of those states, which has eluded BJP’s government since independence.

As destiny would have it. The public did not give a clear mandate to any political party. Not that nay one deserved “The Majority”. Like other states, Congress and its alliance partners had nowhere to hide post elections. The choice was down to BJP and PDP, with both winning most seats.

Looking at the crippled mandate, the deal brokers started working behind the scenes to form an alliance. Like always, BJP tried calling the shots but this time, this was no Maharashtra and the alliance partner was not shiv sena.

PDP did not relent to any of BJP’s demands. On the contrary, they had their own long list of demands. As I mentioned earlier, the tables had turned. BJP found itself on a sticky wicket.

Still, leaving J & K was too much of a risk for the saffron outfit. They decided to take the plunge with PDP last week to form a government in J & K.

This was definitely not a marriage made in heaven.

To start with here were the points of dispute that were bound to raise their head someday or the other:

  1. Army’s powers in J & K
  2. Article 370

And then it all looked too cosmetic. I mean, how on the earth can you expect A right-wing party supporting a Muslim dominated party?

Where did words like principle, ideology disappear?

Nevertheless, the marriage happened at the back of a pre-marriage nuptial called as CMP. Every arranged marriage has a honeymoon period. They say, if you are able to sail through this period, you can have a decent (if not perfect) married life.

Unfortunately, PDP has landed BJP in a precarious position. The honeymoon period had barely started, the chasms in between the two parties are for everyone to see.

PDP is one party that does not play by the rule book. Well if you don’t trust me, read these two controversies:

  1. The CM of state credited the rebel hurriyat parties and our lovable neighbors (read Pakistan not china) for peaceful elections in the state. On a personal front, I can still tolerate hurriyat and the bunch of losers in this party getting some credit. They are too irrelevant to be commented on. Now if you talk about Pakistan getting any credit for something good happening in our country, I along with other mango men of this country go ballistic.
  2. The CM of state recently released a hardliner, Masarat Alam responsible for many cases of violence in state from prison. I am sure PDP is a peace-loving party but isn’t this the wrong way to rub the country you live in?

Modi’s status on Pakistan is a well-known fact. Since the day of coming to power, his government has been tough on Pakistan and its cross border terrorism activities. My question to BJP is How can you be friends with a party, which credits Pakistan for elections in India?

Furthermore, the hardliner released by PDP is no saint. He was the master mind behind the stone pelting incidents in Kashmir, which left many dead.

I am surprised to see the meek response to PDP’s decisions from BJP. With BJP leadership in Kashmir left to fend for themselves after the stunts pulled by their alliance partner, there is nothing concrete the central leadership has to say about these controversies.

BJP is in a dilemma.

On one hand, if they pull the plug, they stand to lose their golden chance of being a part of history. On the other hand, if they decide to stick to PDP, they might come across as a party that decided to forego its big brother status in its lust for power.

Talk about coming across as anti-national.

Last heard. The kashmiri pandits, who had actively supported BJP are not too amused with BJP playing second fiddle to PDP.

Time has come for this marriage to end.

Do you want me to call a divorce lawyer?

– “The Political” Mango Man


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Author: The Mango Man

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