“Bully” BJP versus “Bechara” AAP is a battle BJP will loose

Since winning the last few elections, BJP has failed to gauge the mood of nation. Their strategy think tank are making strategies, which will hurt them in longer run. Especially, how they are approaching Delhi by picking up petty battles with AAP is a no brainer.

Yesterday, the arrest of AAP Law minister Tomar was one of those decisions taken in haste. His arrest is explained

Courtesy : www.jantakareporter.com

Courtesy : www.jantakareporter.com

by Delhi Police as an urgent step. They wanted to catch him with a surprise.

This is one police, any state will love to have. If they are so prompt in finding a fraudster, who allegedly made fake mark sheets. Imagine, how prompt they will be in finding criminals.

Leaving the efficiency of Delhi police aside, my question is “Can they actually produce a warrant and arrest a person in the same day?”

And the same law which had a bail ready for Salman Khan before the decision was announced by lower court, suddenly finds itself helpless in giving bail to an accused, whose case is impending decision in High court of Delhi.

Every time you read this news, you can hear a voice inside your head resonating “Law is an ass”.

Getting back to BJP’s ongoing tussle with AAP or should i write in media’s language “Kejriwal versus Modi”. Let’s introspect how the relationship has gone from bad to worse over the time. BJP lost Delhi by a majority vote. In fact, they were decimated in Delhi with single digit figures to flaunt. Rather than accepting the mandate given by people of Delhi, they acted like sulking ungracious losers.

Since Delhi’s governance is a complex matter controlled by center and state. They used their stooges (read : LG Jung, police commissioner Bassi)  under the control of centre to embarrass AAP.

What they forgot along the way is that AAP is a party built on mass support. It’s a party which will not shy away from fighting the battle on streets. An art BJP can only use when they want to do “Gahr Waapsi”.

Now AAP after coming to power had their internal mess to clean. A mess they cleaned inefficiently, leaving a lot of unanswered questions in the background. Also, their record in their first 100 days in Delhi was not something they could flaunt proudly. The public opinion had already started going against them. They had no answers to why they were unable to govern after getting such an overwhelming mandate.

AAP’s immaturity in running a government were becoming a problem for them. The inexperience showed in how they handled Delhi.

Add to the above battle, Kejriwal entered against Media. Suddenly, the Blue eyed boy of media was gunning for them.

This is where BJP should have stayed mum. They could have just asked AAP questions, any experience politician should have asked. Instead, they went for the dirty game of politics by taking kejriwal head on through Jung.

AAP had given them an opening to win back trust of Delhi. They just had to let Kejriwal run the show and site back.

The public of Delhi is quick to form their own opinion. This time, when they were on the verge of disdaining AAP, BJP intervened. They gave AAP a reason to blame BJP for all the failures in Delhi.

Instead of showing grace in defeat, BJP opened a pandora’s box by creating a hurdle for AAP at every step of running Delhi.

This is where BJP had an opportunity. They just missed the trick with their dirty politics.

With Bihar elections around the corner, BJP just got off to a wrong start. Arvind Kejriwal has played his bechara role to perfection. The sympathy is back with AAP.

BJP has to realize. No one likes a Bully.

Their bullying tactics is going to hurt them in future elections.

Media’s attention is back to AAP. All news channels are busy playing the same AAP versus BJP news from morning to evening endlessly. David versus Goliath is back. We all want David to win again.

Time for Modi to call his subordinates and ask them on how they could not let Kejriwal self-destruct himself?

Kejriwal is back in the game. Media again wants to hear from him. He is playing the janta ka CM card to perfection. With Nitish Kumar forging an unofficial alliance with him, you can be sure to see more of this delhi nautanki being played in Bihar politics.

This is sure to have an indirect impact on Bihar.

BJP just got themselves a check-mate from Kejriwal. The more they play this game, the more will nation’s public hate them.

The promise of Ache din has already passed it’s expiry date. How about BJP focus a little more on getting back whatever is left of the ache din promise?

Before I end the article. A question for Delhi Police “As far as I know, the confusion over Smiriti Irani’s degree is a chapter in Yale University’s Law degree. Last heard, she filed wrong affidavit in her election papers. Do you plan to arrest her next?”

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