Can Congress be a dark horse in Delhi Elections?

Congress should be thanking their stars for being the underdog in the upcoming elections.

They can very well come out of the blue and surprise us like AAP did in the last elections and then they can tell us “I told you so” or “Never say die” or “Abhi toh picture baaki hai mere dost J “.

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I might be going a little overboard with Congress doing wonders in the upcoming elections but hope is still a tax free commodity in the country and this is not year 2011, where Congress can claim to be a majority party everywhere in India.

At least hope is what they can cling on to in the upcoming elections.

Now with Lovely ji acting not so lovely after being overlooked to oversee the elections and being asked to tow the party level.

We understand all is not rosy inside Congress. Not that, other parties are doing any better. Kiran Bedi’s entry has quashed aspiration of quite a few aspiring CM Candidates from BJP and AAP’s long list of unsatisfied leaders have been finding shelter in BJP, leaving the AAP open to a last minute expose from these candidates.

At least, Congress can find solace in this that none of the parties have their house in order.

With AAP proving to be an indecisive party of leaders, Congress can very well get back their lost minority vote bank. A thought that will bring back smile on the face of many of their leaders banking on the minority vote bank.

The focus is on Modi and Kejriwal and to an extent on the new entrant, Kiran Bedi, which leaves congress to be called as the Underdog in these elections.

With BJP leaving the list of its candidates to end moment and AAP fighting the bhagoda tag, Congress could very well surprise us in these elections

And if Rahul Gandhi does not campaign in Delhi, they might as well win a good amount of seats.

Don’t ask me why Rahul Gandhi’s campaigning is an ominous sign. Amit Shah, who seems to have gotten his prediction right with Rahul Gandhi’s election trail is the one behind this prediction and he did get it right the last time elections were held in one of the states.

I cannot vote in Delhi but if I was to vote in delhi, I will be as confused as you would be.

Let’s see if Congress can pull back a surprise or two.

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Author: The Mango Man

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