Can Shashank Manohar save Indian Cricket and BCCI?

I make no bones about my hatred for BCCI, the governing body of Cricket in India. The body is discrete in its operations, works like a secret agency, is full of politicians who have vested interests and is disrespectful of fans, who have helped build the brand name “BCCI”.

Anyone with a little interest in cricket will fully agree with me on one thing. Indian Cricket has seen its worst phase in last 5 years under helm of N Srinivasan. Corruption, nepotism, match fixing. You name it and cricket had it under Shashank Manohar his regime.

Desperate times called for desperate measures. Supreme Court intervened to clean up the mess of BCCI. Srinivasan was asked to stay away from his favorite organization. Jagmohan Dalmiya, the witty old man of Indian Cricket was unanimously elected to lead the body.

Few months back, I wrote an article when Jamohan Dalmiya was elected as the BCCI president. The title of article was Jaggu dada’s biggest challenge is to win Trust of Cricket Fans.

We all had high hopes from the man who was responsible for making India the power house of world cricket.

Unlike his predecessor, Dalmiya had a clean record of leading BCCI in past. His experience was unmatched. Unfortunately, he passed away last month. Sensing an opportunity to get back in the game, Srinivasan threw his hat in the ring to reclaim control of BCCI by patching up with Sharad Pawar. I do not want to go into details of how lust for power turns worst of foes into best of friends.

Sanity prevailed. Srinivasan’s plan to wrest control of BCCI was thwarted at end moment after intense lobbying against him by the BJP controlled faction of BCCI. I am glad we now have Shashank Manohar as the new BCCI president.

Why I respect the man is because he was the first one to demand Srinivasan’s head, when “The cricket enthusiast” son in law of our ex-bcci was caught in spot fixing. He was one of those rare leaders of BCCI, who had the spine to ask the incumbent chief to leave.

Add to this, his no-nonsense attitude and a clean record.

As a cricket fan, who is disillusioned with Indian cricket’s functioning in last few years, I hope he can clean up the mess.

In past, our ex-BCCI chief had our captain, ex captain, few commentators on his company’s payroll. I am not sure, if this is conflict of interest or not but it definitely did not feel right.

BCCI does not come under RTI. I am sure there is barely any accountability in the organization. The recent turmoil in Jammu and Kashmir cricket board and Delhi cricket board puts the state cricket boards in bad light. Add to this, the over age of players participating in state tournaments.

Last but not the least, we (the fans) have seen enough of this bull shit for years to tolerate this any further.

His first press conference after taking over as BCCI president does give me a lot of confidence. It has been really long, since a senior BCCI functionary has spoken on:

  1. Conflict of interest
  2. Accountability of BCCI
  3. Transparency of state cricket boards
  4. Cricket Fans

These issues deserve attention. Till date, all our ex-bcci chief had done was brushed the dirt smartly under the carpet.

As they say “cometh the hour cometh the man”.

I hope Shashank Manohar can walk the talk.

  • The “Googly” Mango Man

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