Crackers will be burst in Pakistan if BJP loses in Bihar: Making sense of Amit Shah’s statement

Amit Bhai is a man of few words. Unlike his predecessors, he does not believe in shouting at pitch of his voice to be heard. He believes in more action and less words. Results of his style were very well reflected in last Lok Sabha Elections.

Precisely speaking, he is the man of hour.

Yesterday in his inimitable style Amit Bhai said “If BJP loses in Bihar Crackers will be burst in Pakistan” in a rally in Bihar. This

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statement has left everyone in tizzy. What he meant by the statement is still being debated and researched upon. As I mentioned, he is a man of few words. So every time the lesser he speaks, the more complicated it gets for researchers like us to comprehend the meaning of his statement.

Research scholars (stop smiling) like me were awake through out the night yesterday to demystify his statement. I am sure he had all the right intentions while making his statement.

Now “Crackers” “Noise” and “Bombs” are 3 words which are so much in line with what Pakistan is witnessing today. I am sure the BJP party chief just passed a stern message to Pakistan “Even if BJP loses in Bihar, you cannot consider us week.” So don’t go around bursting crackers. BJP is just a state like Delhi (minus Kejriwal).

Or He probably wanted to pass a message to our Pakistani brothers before 1947 that your bombs are nothing more than crackers to us. You can back off from threatening us with your nuclear bombs.

This is what I think from the angle of “Pakistan” used in his statement. An insider told me, he was actually taking a pot shots at Nitish Kumar for being soft on terrorism. I rebuked this insider. Shah Bhai does not get into such dirty politics. He is a man of honor with a clean background and integrity, no one can question. He will never take potshots at their former ally from Bihar.

I hope Shiv Sena does not take cue from his statement and burst crackers under the chair of next Pakistani person visiting Mumbai. Enough ink has been spilled by shiv sena over Pakistan dignitary’s visit to India on ex-BJP Leader Kulkarni.

In retaliation to this statement, Pakistan can pass an official statement

“The day Dawood Ibrahim is not found in Pakistan, India can burst crackers”. We can now have Diwali throughout year 😉

Politics is so interesting. Who would have thought an election in Bihar will involve Pakistan’s name. I am sure Pakistan (on the verge of self-destruction) is smiling on being involved in a controversy they have nothing to do with.

At the end of day, any publicity is good publicity.

-The “pakey-bihari” Mango Man

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Author: The Mango Man

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