Dadri “Beef lynching” and Communal Politics

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We live in a country where life of a cow is more valuable than life of a human. The Dadri “Beef Lynching” incident is a gruesome reminder of how stupidly audacious our public has become in taking law of land in their own hand. We are back to an era, where public decides the punishments in Kangaroo courts.

For those of you, who missed the details of Dadri “Beef Lynching” incident. Here are the details.

Few youth forced priest of a Hindu temple to announce killing of a cow by a Muslim family in their house.

Since UP is not a state with Beef Ban implemented yet, they decided to avenge killing of a cow by taking law of land in their own hands. As usual, the blind public acted brainlessly by following few political leaders, who had pre-planned the incident. They broke open doors of house of Iqlakh (Victim) . Lynched him to death in the most horrible way you and me can ever imagine.

Doesn’t this sound like one of those movies you watched in 90s? To imagine this in real-time happening in year 2015 is beyond my imagination.

One of Iqlakh’s son is working with Indian Defense, the other one is recovering from injuries in hospital. He is said to be in serious condition. The family does not have any past criminal record. They were just a normal family living a peaceful life in their village.

Then why the hell did Iqlakh get killed?

Was a so-called alleged cow slaughter reason enough, to have led to killing of a man in such a gruesome manner?

I am still looking for answers. I hope you find yours because I am unable to comprehend a sane reason for lynching of an innocent man.

One thing common I find in this incident and riots which take place in India is : You will never be able to find the real culprits behind this incident. Makes me question. Where is Government at time of riots and such incidents?

I am still not blaming any political party or trying to give communal colors to this so-called “accident” (in language of Mahesh Sharma, MP of Noida from BJP ).  I believe there is more to this incident than this being just “An Accident “or a “Communal Incident”.

This incident is part of a bigger Political Game.

UP assembly elections are due in 2017. If recent studies are to be believed. All states in India to have gone for elections in last one year have seen a huge surge in communal riots.

You can see the writing on wall very clearly now. This incident is a stepping stone to win Uttar Pradesh Elections.

And if this is the way things are going to head in future till next elections. We all should brace up for more such incidents (I cannot call them communal incidents) and accidents in near future.

This incident is an inhuman experience, I believe no civilized community is capable of. It strips us of our proclaimed status of being one of the fastest developing countries in world.

Nothing can bring back the life of an innocent human killed by a bunch of psycho men in fit of rage, instigated by a bunch of politicians.

This indeed is a reminder of how regressive, primitive we still are. What makes the whole incident worse for family of deceased is the unwanted stray comments made by our Political leaders.

There are leaders from ruling party at Centre, who are calling this as a mistake of family. There are others who are calling for a Mahapanchayat. The little we can do for this family is, leave them alone. Such Callous statements only makes life more difficult for them.

Coming to Mahapanchayat. The last time we had a Mahapanchayat in Muzaffarnagar, end results were for everyone to see.

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