Dead Body of a Toddler brings back attention to Refugees of No Man’s Land

I was petrified, when I saw this picture of a toddler lying dead on a beach in Turkey yesterday. My heart sunk in. The death of this 3-year-old during their arduous journey from his native country in search of a promised land of hope has bought back world’s attention to refugees, who go through inhuman conditions to run away from their native Courtesy :

Alas! We live in times, when boundaries of nations are bigger than humanity.

Welcome to 2015, a year which will witness the biggest refugee crisis of all times. It is expected to be bigger than the crisis faced during World War-II.

Where are these refugees from?

Most of refuges trying to cross into Europe are from countries like Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc. Ones, who are heading to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia are from Myanmar. They are a part of Rohingya community of Myanmar.

What is the reason for this crisis?

Most of the countries from where these refugees arrive are either engaged in a civil war or are busy fighting ISIS and Taliban. The citizens of these country have no choice but to leave their country to find a safe location. With ISIS hell-bent on turning countries around Iraq into a part of their caliphate, citizens of these country have no choice than to run away from their land.

The only exceptions are Rohingyas from Myanmar, who are second class in Myanmar. They leave the country of their birth because they are unwanted by local Buddhist Population.

Last month, I read an article on what Rohingyas have to go through in day-to-day life in Myanmar. I was surprised to read, how a government of a country can discriminate so blatantly against a particular community. Rohingya live in ghettos, away from city life inside an area surrounded by a wall. This community is today a citizen of no country. They are unwelcome by their own country and cannot enter countries they travel to.

Who is responsible for this crisis?

This is simply explained by this flow.

A country decides to dethrone ruler of a country for human right violence -> country trains insurgents to fight against this tyrant ruler -> ruler is dethroned -> insurgents ditch the country which supported them -> another group of insurgents stand against existing insurgents -> Civil War | Chaos.

In short, the witty world powers playing their usual country games are responsible for this full-grown crisis. When Assad (military ruler of Syria) used chemical weapons on his citizen, world decided to look other side.

When the so called weapons of destruction holder Iraq had no such weapon, World decided to look other side and forgive USA for reducing their country to dust.

Today, when citizens of these countries decide to run away from their country in pursuit of a better life. Saviors, who promised them a better life, cannot help but ignore their problem. Like usual, they look the other side.

All they are left with is a country battered by infighting, civil war and a full-blown far with terrorist organizations, who are determined to capture this country to make it a part of their holy caliphate.

The current situation:

As per official numbers (which are always half the original numbers) more than 3000 human refugees have died, while fleeing their countries in last few months. At mercy of human smugglers, they flee in inhuman conditions on overloaded boats. Those who have decent money, get a decent sitting place on an over packed boat. Others are packed at bottom of boat like animals.

Those who do not have money, travel in small boats hoping to reach the promised land of hope.

A mass grave was recently uncovered in a South Asian country. These graves had dead bodies of those, who failed to pay smugglers for their travel. Since they could not cough up promised money, they were all mass butchered.

What is the future?

Future is grim. Majority of refugees today are Muslims. Incidentally, none of the Islamic counties have come forward to help them. As a matter of fact, Malaysia and Indonesia has restricted their entry.

All they have as a hope is Europe.

Europe, battling a financial crisis of its own is not ready for such a huge influx of refugees.

Hence, they have devised policies of their own to keep refugees from No One’s Land out of their country.

We should not be surprised, if we see few more dead bodies of toddlers in next few days.

There is a lesson to be learned for all of our world leaders. Don’t poke your nose in affairs of other countries until and unless you have a concrete solution to their problems.

You leave behind a mess, which is not easy to clean.

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