Delhi Elections: Hits and Misses

One trend that has truly emerged from the recent election is “This country does not want a Coalition Government”.

Other than J &K, every election starting from Lok sabha to New Delhi has had a clear verdict for the party winning the elections.

My guess is, the country is too fed up with the coalition dharma practiced by UPA. The repercussions of the bad decisions, scams of the tenure of UPA are still for everyone to see.

With a group of party, the onus falls on too many parties. The Common man wants this onus to fall on one party, so as to find the real culprit. Hence, the thumping victory for one Party in every elections.

AAP was expected to win the Delhi elections, as per exit polls but winning the elections with such a thumping victory is something, even the best of AAP supporters would not have envisioned.AAP Party Symbol

En route to Delhi elections, I wrote articles matching the changing mood of Politics and Public. Though I did land up with an egg on my face, with few of my predictions…One prediction, which saves me from shutting this blog is Congress’s demise.

Here is how the journey to Delhi elections happened for each political party:

The Winner: AAP

They deserve the first spot for the analysis. They are the new party forming government in Delhi and have just decimated all the competition in the state.

I wrote an article The comeback is not going to be easy for AAP when the country was in Congress punishing mood. Frankly speaking, at that moment I thought they would not win. Too many odds were stacked against them but deep down, like all the young janta of this country, I wanted them to win.

And here they are. Surprising me and all their detractors (I would not call myself as a detractor :). I am more of a disillusioned supporter).

The Looser: BJP:

I kind of got it right with my predication on them. Not that I went to Himalayas to meditate and figure out their fate. I did some simple math and connected the dots.

They were complacent, made the wrong moves and did everything right to turn the public anger against them.

Starting from Ghar Waapsi to Modi’s suit controversy, everything being done by them enroute to Delhi Elections was in bad taste. The youth does not connect well with all this and was ultimately dissuaded to vote against them. With Minority never being a vote bank for them, the question was who would vote for them?

It was only a matter of time before the fiasco happen.

Mrs. Bedi’s induction into the party left too many heart burns in the party. Rather than being a positive force, she turned into a negative force, thereby alienating many aspiring-CMs in the party and the cadre, which stood behind the CMs in waiting.

Then came the confusion in between BJP/RSS/The Government. Internally, BJP might have a clear vision of how the 3 work in tandem but on the face value, they all were creating too many road blocks for each other.

BJP kept mum when the attack on churches in Delhi happened. I guess this was a breaking point for the public frustrated with these issues.

One of India’s foundation stone is secularism. History has not been kind to the ones trying to break this foundation.

As I mentioned in my last blog “They might win Delhi or lose by a small margin but a small victory or a defeat is not how BJP likes to win these days.”

They lost by a huge margin and it’s time for some introspection.

The Gayab : Congress

I should stop hearing nukkad level gossip. My article Can Congress be a dark horse in Delhi Elections? was the best piece of fiction since Gone with the wind.

The story behind this article coming out of the blue was a chai par charcha I had with some of my politically suave family members. Some of them genuinely believed, Congress can be a dark horse in the upcoming elections and I gave them a chance.


Sanity prevailed in me before elections. I could foresee the future and realized Rahul Baba will sink Congress someday or the other.

So I kind of balanced my wrong prediction with a right one.

One Article that lets me get away with some brownie points is the one on trading window of politicians.

I still stand by the same. Irrespective of how well AAP has done, they will find it difficult to tame the Old BJP, Congress hands who joined them before elections out of jealousy, opportunity or the so called politically correct line “Change of heart”.

Time for Delhi to move into new hands.

Let’s hope AAP lives up to the expectations and hype created around the “Aam Aadmi”.

Over to you Mr. Kejriwal!

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Author: The Mango Man

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