Delhi’s Political scene is back to normal with Kejriwal, Jaitley and DDCA Controversy

The political scene in Delhi is back to normal. Kejriwal, the incumbent CM of Delhi recently claimed, he is hounded by CBI on command of central government and PM of country.

PM of country travelling abroad denied knowledge of any such action. Kejriwal cried foul. In fact, he went step ahead by ddcausing “foul” language to call Modi a Psychopath and Coward.

Now this I feel is The Normal Delhi Political Scene. Since Kejriwal has come to power, this is the routine cycle in Delhi.

Centre slyly pokes him. He pokes them back with vengeance and rest all as they say is part of History books on Delhi politics.

We, the mangoman sit back and watch the tamasha unfold on our idiot box with a cup of TV.

Only the intensity of tamasha changes, rest of the story plays to the script written the day AAP came to power in Delhi.

I love it! Don’t you?

It was really long since Delhi’s political hulchul was without any dhamaka. I was kind of getting bored.

Anyways, we are back to normal.

So what is so special about this latest tug of war in between AAP and BJP? For a change, we have dragged the gentleman’s sports run by politicians (who are the gentlest of men) of this country in to the slugfest.

This time the battle is played on an unusual turf called as DDCA. The issue in hand involves interference of Politicians in Sports in India. The two opposing teams are led by Arun Jaitley, our respect Finance Minister and Arvind Kejriwal, our respected CM of Delhi.

Kejriwal has accused BJP and the team of trying to investigate his team’s investigation over irregularities in DDCA. Imagine. Investigation over Investigation.

This definitely sounds like mother of all investigations.

DDCA’s sad state of affairs is an open book. From corruption to age fudging issues, they have done everything right to claim their top spot as the most unorganized, corrupt cricket body in country.

As a matter of fact, they added another feather to their cap of controversies, when they almost lost the chance to host an India-South Africa match few weeks back.

The match was ultimately conducted under the supervision of a retired judge.

Mr. Jaitley was the head of DDCA for a long time. Like every politician in country who loves to add a name tag of “A Political President of a sports body” he did his job without fuss for years.

He recently decided to leave the coveted post for the bigger role of Finance Minister of Country.

How this tug of war story unfolded is interesting. Kejriwal ji’s trusted lieutenant, a senior IAS officer was searched by CBI few weeks back.

Kejriwal in his inimitable rebellious style said “Enough is enough”. He dragged the past president of DDCA, Jaitley ji to the present battle between AAP and BJP by calling it a motivated move to spy upon the DDCA investigation done by his team.

Kejriwal yesterday conveyed a special session of Delhi Assembly, where all members of assembly (most are from AAP) whistled and thumped benches to his emotional speech targeting PM and Jaitley.

Arun Jaitley on his part decided to get back to his old “Tarreq par Tarreq” days by dragging Kejriwal and his trusted team to Court.

The battle lines are drawn. Will Kejriwal get the better of BJP or will BJP checkmate Kejriwal in his game of “Blame Game”?

As I said, Delhi’s political scene is back to normal with Dilli ki sardi.

We all should appreciate the effort by these political players contributing their bit in keeping the temperature of Delhi in check with their “heated” exchanges.

  • The “Thanda” Mango Man

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