Every Election opens a trading window of politicians

What is common among all elections in India?

I know the list is long: Money, Power, Fake voters, promises…blah-2! But there is one common activity which goes unnoticed in all the Elections.

Hugely inspired by our sports leagues. This is our politician’s answer to IPL.viewphoria-pngindian-politicians

The trading window sees a lot of leaders being traded in between parties on basis of votes, cash, promises and hope.

Yes. You read it right.

The trading window, where politicians jump political parties and make every political party look like a recycled version of the other political party.

With Delhi elections approaching, we have a long list of leaders who have deflected to AAP or BJP.

No one wants to go to Congress, so that makes them the saintly figure in these elections 🙂  . A rare feet for the grand old party of India. They have suddenly become really old to be a part of trading window ;).

You know what the common trait among these leaders is?

They are grumpy political opportunists, who did not get tickets from their ex-political parties.

Imagine how discouraging it would be for them. They missed out on a golden opportunity to loot the country again but never to be discouraged by such minute incidents, they find other political parties.

On one hand we have Mrs. Krishan Tirath joining BJP after years of serving Congress and on the other we have Shazia Ilmi, Dhir jumping from AAP to BJP.

Frankly speaking, I would not blame Krishna Tirath. She stands true to the idiom “Rats are the first to abandon a sinking ship”.

And as far as the bandwagon of AAP leaders jumping from AAP to BJP is concerned, they signify hypocrisy.

These are the leaders, who had campaigned aggressively against BJP/Congress in last elections.

Suddenly, they have had a change of heart and think BJP is the party with a difference.

Not that, AAP is any far behind, when it comes to giving home to defectors.

AAP has proved its double standards by allowing more than 5 ex-BJP leaders to join them.

Mr. Kejriwal. You definitely are leading by example.

I always thought yours is a party with a difference.

Alas! You are proving to be worse than others. At least, others don’t go around claiming to be clean.

The irony with all these leaders being traded in this trading window lies in their speech. At times you feel like a tape recorder being played in background again and again with a new face in front.

“I am joining this new political party because of the able leadership and clean politics and a promise of better future.

I will take up any role provided by this party. Like my last party, I am going to serve the public of this country with my heart.”

Sir/ma’am I don’t know about able leadership and clean politics but as far as a better future is concerned, you have definitely booked one for yourself.

Since, you promise to serve the country with your heart…I am sure the country can spare a few hundred lakhs for all the public service you will be doing for your motherland.

Author: The Mango Man

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