From Secular to Sickular

The last elections saw coining of a new word: Sickular.

Secular we all know is about giving equal respect to all the religions but what exactly is Sickular?

Let me take you through the new breed of sickular on Internet.

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Their story is fascinating and scary. They will call you anti-national, if you speak or vote against their party.

I would start with writing about the biggest so-called secular party of our country, Congress.

Congress, since its inception has taken pride in calling itself A Secular Party. Thereby, marking the party as an organization that looks at all the religions equally.

If only we were to forget 1984 riots and inability of congress to act (intentionally/unintentionally: subjected to debate) during babri masjid demolition, I am very much convinced “in my dreams” about them being secular.

Alas! Secular today is mere rhetoric.

Every political party from North to south uses the secular word to garner vote from minorities. For them, Secular is just another way of looking at minorities as an equal source of votes, as Majority.

And since this nautanki had been in practice for a very long time, the frustrated netizans of this country decided to coin a new word “Sickular”.

In plain language, Sickular is someone one who brandishes hypocrisy in the disguise of Secularism.

I found the word quite interesting, as it spoke a lot about every one preaching but not practicing secularism.

The problem started when the trolls started bashing every decent citizen raising voice against injustice done to minorities in the country on internet. Every secular citizen was a Sickular.

My observation on twitter was that every time some issue with reference to minorities (read : Muslims) was raised by you, the sickular brand was yours to be taken.

The election lines were clearly drawn. If you support a political party favoring majority population of country, you are a Secular else you are a sickular, with double standards.

I can still recall posting a message on twitter about some political issue and being branded a sickular by a bunch of idiots hiding under disguise of some pseudo name of twitter. Their language left me exasperated.

The majority is with the ruling political party and hopefully, they will prove the faith public has in them. I do not have any issue with them but my problem is with trolls, who cannot understand the delicate threads on which the harmony of this country has been woven around.

What surprise me most is our justification of being narrow-minded. For every injustice done to minorities here, we start taking examples of countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, where non-Islam citizens suffer atrocities on day-to-day basis.

My question to all the Desh bhakts is: Do you want our country to be USA or Pakistan? Given a chance to migrate, will you go to Pakistan or USA?

Pakistan and Bangladesh are religion states and they stand true to their country being governed based on rules derived from religion.

Fortunately, we are not. Our freedom was not fought over religion.

The time in not far when every secular citizen of this country would be branded a Sickular in India by the growing number of intolerant trolls.

They will doubt your love for the country, if you do not love their political party.

As they say “My way or the highway!”

Over to you Mr. Sickular!

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Author: The Mango Man

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