Guilty or not guilty? An argument in between Salman’s fan and media fed Cynics

Few months back, when I told one of my fellow mango man “Salman Bhai is a victim of trial by media”. He laughed his ass off. He was sure Bhai ran his car over few pedestrians sleeping on pavement in inebriated state.

I told him “Dude. Bhai does not play negative character. He is the only one who has learned to “Being Human” even after so many years in industry. All this drama is one big nautanki to malign image of our bajrangi bhaijan. (God bless his “secular” soul).”

To strengthen my argument I added “He is a soft-hearted man whose one screen name “Prem” reflects how lovable,

Courtesy : Manjul

Courtesy : Manjul

compassionate he is”.

He retaliated “There is another one by the name of Prem in Bollywood and his name is Prem Chopra”.

Fucking Morons. They cannot love Bhai.

Last week the salman khan hit and run case took an interesting turn. He was pronounced not guilty on all counts by Bombay High Court. We the “Pankhas (fans)” of bhai stood vindicated. I called my “media lover” friend and gave him nicely on phone.

I told him “Bhai. I told you. Our Bhai is innocent. You just did not see beyond the obvious. You have to give him some credit for handling himself so elegantly despite not being guilty throughout the case”

Now this friend of mine was still not convinced. He said “Dost. Everything is on sale. Even the Judiciary”.

He gave me example of Jayalalitha trial. He said the day they pronounced her not guilty, he knew something was fishy”.

Not to give up so easily on my case, I asked him. “Let’s assume, he was driving the car. What the hell were these buggers doing on pavements? Are pavements for sleeping or walking?” Before he could counter attack me the obvious question “Are pavements for driving or walking?”

I attacked him with full arsenal. “I know you will try to trick me into believing our beloved bhai was at fault. No he was not at fault. You all need to get a reality check. The large “hearted” Bhai was ordered by court to offer a compensation few years back to the victims of this so-called “accident”. Irrespective of the decision of court, He has promised to help them.”

I took a break.

This was his turn. He replied “And look how he has contributed. With open arms and open pockets, your Bhai has contributed gracefully to his legal team, PR Team and fans. Thank God, Judiciary cannot be corrupted and questioned else he would have given generously to them too.”

I said “Nevertheless, Judiciary has ensured “Truth stands tall””.

He sniggered.

Now I was angry. I have been a Salman fan since “mainey Pyaar kiya”. How can I let this stupid guy win an argument over my bhai’s innocence? To hell with the so-called “Victims” Hundred die every day in road accident in India. Why only pick sallu bhai?

He said with a pinch of sarcasm “Salman was not driving the car involved in hit and run case. Don’t you ask me if not salman, who was driving this car? Didn’t you read the news? This was a driver less car driven by a ghost”.

This guy was spoon fed by media. I hate this new internet news generation.

I thought. Where were they when Bhai did his act of charity? Bloody Cynics!

He went on “The judge preceding this case has created a record of sort by pronouncing someone not guilty in a case where a driverless car hit few stupid passengers sleeping on pavement.”

He was crossing the lakshman rekha now. My blind faith in bhai was tested. Time had come for me to deliver the last blow.

Before I could open my mouth, the buddy delivered the last blow.

He said “I did read about few of these greedy “victims” demanding huge amount of compensation.”

I am sure you have personally spoken to Bhai’s PR Team. They would have promised to send a carton full of rejected pieces of “Being Human” clothes to these opportunists, who piggy backed on your super star’s popularity to dig some easy money.”

By the way if they are still scoping for some money (“Dhan”) ask them “Didn’t they watch Bhai’s latest movie “Prem rattan Dhan Payo re””?

Morons! There is only one Prem. He has already got his Dhan by delivering another 100 cr+ hit.

These guys need to chill. Stop hounding the poor “Bhai” soul.

I disconnected the call. There is no point in arguing with someone who does not understand our prem for Salman “Prem” Bhai.

  • The “Blind” Mango Man. Salman ka Fan

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Author: The Mango Man

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