Hindutva (RSS) versus Development (The Government) versus Confusion(The Party)

These days Mr. Modi is a worried man.

He is stuck in between RSS, blatantly promoting Hindutva | His government: which promises development and his Party, which supplies ministers based on dictum of RSS.

Modi ji has to strike a balance between progress and the demands of RSS bosses (read Hindutva).hindutva

Sakshi ji Maharaj cannot be stopped:

The Hindutava hardliners in his group of ministers, starting from the firebrand Sakshi Maharaj have decided to remove the suffocating veil of development and talk about what they talk best “Religion”.

I sympathize with them on being kept under so much suffocation for such a long time. They were never inducted in the cabinet to talk about development. Some day or the other, they had to run out of patience.

the latest comment from Sakshi ji Maharaj” I can Make or Break Government” has shown the growing chasms in the party. The irony is for everyone to see. On one hand, you have the suave PM (wearing a suit with his name in the fine stripes) talking about development and discussing day-to-day affairs with Obama, the US President  and on the other hand, you have the Hindutva hardliners in his party shunning away any talks of development.

The reason for RSS lying low till date:

After the government was formed, the rumor was, the RSS has given Modi a year to do his development work. They had promised to lie low and work behind scenes during this time duration.

Looks like, the agreement expired before the expiry date. The gloves are off now and the hardliners do not want to be tamed. They want to come out and turn the country in to “A Ram Rajya” ASAP.

As soon as the BJP came to power, the RSS team took charge of some of the important portfolio by placing some of their close confidents there.

What started off as the India-nization of our school’s curriculum soon turned into an exercise of Angrejo books Chodho campaign. From surgery being discovered in ancient India to airplanes flying in the form of udan khatolas, we heard it all.

Despite all these primitive talks, there was hope.

Because Modi ji was selected with a clear mandate. All the Development promises cannot turn farce (so soon).

But you cannot stop the inevitable

Coming to the state elections held after Lok sabha elections, Modi ji played the flute like a pied piper and the citizens of country danced like rats to the tunes of development, achey din, etc, etc. One win led to another win and soon BJP looked like making Bharat “Congress MUKT”.

But media cannot be tamed. Along with development started the disturbing report of:

Increase in Attack on churches.

Portrayal of Nathu Ram Godse as a National Hero

And now an open declaration by a man considered very close to RSS about breaking or making government.

The writing is here for everyone is to see.

The hardliners have cut loose and do not fear their boss. They want their demands to be met fast. One year is too long a time for them to wait and watch.

All the above list of events have had their repercussions.

The Modi Juggernaut halts in Delhi

The Modi Juggernaut seems to have come to a halt. Else, how would you explain BJP’s decision to field a CM candidate in a state level election, when they have been able to win all state elections without a CM face?

The party, which had won states after states like Australia under Steve Waugh suddenly finds itself in a precarious situation in Delhi.

Modi, the brand has carried them for such a long time that the very thought of fighting any state election under a CM face raises doubts about BJP’s confidence.

Though, religion might not be a reason for them getting less seats in Delhi but it could very well prove to be one of the reasons for winning less than anticipated seats in delhi.

They might win Delhi or lose by a small margin but a small victory or a defeat is not how BJP likes to win these days.

Time has come for our PM to talk to the hardliners and ask/demand/order them to lie low till the end of agreement.

We ought to feel good for few more days in our dreamy world of “Achey din aaney waley hain 🙂 “


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Author: The Mango Man

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