Honest Politicians and the Political Jumla

The Political Jumla

Recently, Modi attacked Kejriwal by pointing that politicians make empty promises before elections.

He was referring to the cheap electricity promise made by Kejriwal before elections.

The good thing is, we have an honest politician in this bad political World, who is not afraid to openly accept that we are being taken for a ride.

But sir, what about the 15 lakh you promised us?Honest Politician

As per your second in command, the promise of 15 lakh was a Political Jumla. Your attack on Kejriwal falls short on “the 15 L” you promised to get in every mango man’s bank account in the country. This is very disappointing for the mango man like me. Based on your promised of 15 lakh, I had already done future investment planning. There is this cool, swanky car which I had eyed for last few months and guess what, it is within 15 lakh.

Your political Jumla is a dream breaker :).

Nevertheless, I appreciate the honesty Mr. PM. I am in sync with you about political parties using populist demands to come to power.

If water, electricity, food and everything is free. How will the country run?

As a famous person said “Teach them how to fish. Not how to eat the fish”. I agree no less.

I hope Kejriwal has a magic or two in his pocket to fulfill the promises made before Elections.

My weak heart cannot take another Jumla during summer time.

The Honest Politicians

Moving ahead, the few honest politicians making a media presence in last few weeks are Akhilesh Yadav and Jitan Ram Manjhi.

Jitan Ram Manjhi is the incumbent CM of Bihar…At present, busy em-battling his own political party.

The CM, since taking over the seat from Nitish Kumar has had his share of goof ups. Nothing major just minor blips in an otherwise illustrious short career. (I am not kidding 😉 )

Here is the list:

  1. He once questioned morality of women, whose husbands remain outside after marriage.
  2. He called all upper caste people as “foreigners” and just when you thought, he has had his share of fun as a Politician, his son’s sexual escapade came to limelight.

The poor young guy was having a good time with a lady police officer inside a hotel room. They were regular there. Frankly speaking, I do not have any problem with them doing “their thing” inside the hotel room but the problem lied in the so-called “long standing due payments”.

Incidentally, Mr. CM’s son didn’t have the money to pay the hotel. Out of frustration of not being paid for all the past visits, hotel management locked him and his love bird in the room.

They were only released, when the media had covered the incident. Not to forget, the hotel’s past dues were cleared 😉

Anyone with a little shame would have apologized for such a graceful incident. Mr. Manjhi Didn’t. He went on to defend his son by saying “Anyone can have a girlfriend”.

I so agree with his statement. It’s a free country and when you are CM’s son, why have only one GF…you can afford to have multiple Girlfriends but

  1. This Anyone should be very careful, if he is son of a CM
  2. The Anyone should get enough money from Dad for fulfilling his adventures
  3. The Anyone should pay the bills timely and not get caught with his pants down 🙂

Unfortunately, Mr. Anybody did not fulfill any of the 3 criteria’s. Hence, the nautanki.

Anyways, this article was not about who Mr. Manjhi is? You can search for him on Wikipedia. They might give you lot of info there. I am sure there is more to be said about the great man, than I have mentioned her.

As I mentioned above, he has had a short but illustrious career.

Now, the great man in his pursuit to highlight his honest career went on to make a controversial statement (though this one is a dwarf in comparison to his past goof ups) to media about receiving kickbacks/donation/chanda/hafta/commission from bridge contractors.

This is one Honest CM every state should have.

I salute your honesty Jitan Manjhi. At least, you can now pay for your son’s sex escapade and make sure he has money to pay the bills to do “Anything” :).

The above lines hold true, only if you can survive the show of strength in Assembly in next few days else you might have to again get back to taking commission from Contractors to pay for your son’s adventures 🙂 .

Coming to our second honest minister, Akhilesh Yadav.

Looking at how the CM of Bihar was taking all the limelight, our CM of U.P. (How can Bihar be ahead of U.P in anything) Akhilesh Yadav, in his race to overcome Bihar CM in the race of honesty, spoke about receiving a video of a corrupt official involving bribe.

What he plans to do with this is another story ;). Since this is U.P, the official could be sent for a paid leave or he can pay few seniors and get away with a little spanking.

In the end, I find solace in the fact that at least they are doing something right. Even if it means, few gimmicks to get media’a attention.

Honest politicians and their Jumla is getting the country on the right track.

Soon we can expect our Politicians to share all the videos (corruption videos not the dirty types they watch in assembly) received by them on YouTube and all the donation/Commissions received by them are on Facebook.

There is always hope against hope!

-The “Hopeful” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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