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“Builder killed by Mafia. Police fails to register an FIR”

“NGO workers manhandled. Police act as mute spectator”

“2G Scam could be the biggest scam India has witnessed till date”

“Cash for Votes puts integrity of ruling govt. in question”

“Drunken policeman shoots in public”

“UP Police claims crime to be at an all-time low. Victims claim that FIRs are not being registered”

Our newspaper headlines tell it all. We fought hard for a well-deserved freedom from British but 65 years down the line, is this what we or is it what we did not want?

A distressed citizen of this country goes in front of the magic mirror and asks the magic question in the hope of finding the most honest person in this country.

“Mirror-2 on the wall…Who is the honest of all?”

Mirror stops showing any visuals and after a long wait of 1 hour comes the magic answer

“We are currently unable to process your request. The system is too slow to handle your request”

Poor guy he should have known that this question could not have been answered by God forget the poor Mirror, which despite all up gradations still runs on Windows 7 and cannot process such complicated requests.

It has been 60+ years since we got our independence and here we stand with a system which is corrupt, filthy and can stoop down to any levels to achieve the impossible.

When I refer to the system I jointly refer to The Politicians, The babus or Administrative officers and the police.

Let start with politicians, who by default due to the virtue of their position are way beyond the reach of common man and though they can be seen begging for votes or using unethical tactics like distributing free liquor, free food and anything that can be combined with the word free during their elections, you will hardly see them once elections are over.

A new scam every day with a new entrant in the list every day does not seem to be inflicting a sense of freedom in us. The scams are conducted at the expense of poor taxpayers like you and me, who haplessly sit in our comfortable couches and watch this horror drama unfold in our news channels and if this was not enough, we are made to believe that the last ruling party was worse and this one though corrupt is less corrupt than the last one. Ultimately it’s the battle of corrupts, where they fight hard to win the corruption race.

Now the million dollar question is “Where does the buck stop?”. Does it stop at the politicians who play these stupid shameless games or does it stop at the common man, who in the pursuit of finding the real meaning of freedom has lost all hope.

Next in the line are the policy administrators, who plan the scams. They are the government officers, who are selected through a grilling process of interview, exams and claim to be the smartest of our species. These guys are the real brain behind all corrupt acts that take place in public, where a leader might come and go but they stick to their role, which incidentally is to give a vision to all these ministers about how to loot this country and shelve out policies that will favor those, who are closer to the politicians. They get their cut and though a little slower than their bosses, they are like those blood sucking parasites, who slowly but smartly feed on you and while their presence is hardly noticed, as they sit in shabby government buildings, which incidentally acts as a cover for their not so holy acts, they plan the whole game.

“Who will police the policemen?” Obviously no one will and no one should, because common public means nothing to them. Lets do a little background check, Police during the time of British rule was used by them to administer public. Beat them up, if they y any chance try an uprising against them and guess what, 60+ years down the line, their attitude towards the public has not changed. While there has been an evolution all across the globe and police serves public every where else the situation remains grim in India. Every time we see a policeman, trust me the feelings are never of someone who would help us….Instead It’s just the other way around, where we start calculating the bribe that would go for calling them to help us. In short, it’s a paid service where the money paid is proportional to the amount of your problem and to get a discount, you need to have links.

Nothing moves in India without links and I was at the receiving end of this link game, when I visited our local police station to register a complaint for a generator that was stolen from our office premises. They did not register an FIR and refuse to acknowledge the incident and ultimately it all came down to links…One thing which I hate the most. I had to ask someone to give these guys a call and that is when they started moving.

What has India amassed since independence other than black money, dumb politicians (I have heard that they are all the same throughout world) and a lifestyle where we have lost that sense of freedom. Every second day our newspaper is full of new scams emerging from nowhere. Being in a country that claims to be the biggest democracy in the world, we feel betrayed for the very fact that the true meaning of democracy is lost. We in the eventual process of enjoying our freedom have turned into a bunch of hypocrites, who would praise a filthy politician and would get down to slitting each other’s throat on the name of religion and caste.


All this leaves us with an inevitable question. Is this the freedom we wanted? Is this the life we want to give to our children, where the first thing we teach them is how they should bribe and work their way across the ladder. On one hand, we praise our self to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world, where the ambanis, mittals, tatas and premjhis are the toast of town and on the other hand, more than 30% of our population fails to earn a decent living and our government struggles to provides us with basic facilities like electricity all around the clock, better education and better health care system.

I hate paying a bribe or making someone do a call to bail me out of a situation but what else should I do, I am a part of system, where I act as a lubricant to grease and smoothen its functioning and though I vehemently oppose these acts of corruption and act as a catalyst for this system. Deep down like all common public, this is what I want and being a tax payer, I know that this is what all of us pray for. Let’s hope that our prayers are heard and we get the real FREEDOM that we have always dreamed of.


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