Inspiration to increase TRP from discussion on Radhe Maa in “Aaj ka Mudda-IBN7”

With the boring news discussions witnessing a drop in TRP Ratings, our TRP starved news channels have just found a mojo to win back audience.

Yes. You read it right. There is a secret formula long hidden behind brains of our TV news anchors. This Formula is so effective, it can put best of big bosses and worst of other similar serials to shame.

Live TV discussions on news channels will no longer be restricted to “Just Discussions”. You are now allowed to move beyond discussions and wrestle with members involved in discussion.

This is what happened during a heated discussion in between an astrologer and a self-proclaimed god-man (there are so many of them, so I will skip the introduction part) Om ji on Radhe Maa (is she out on bail or still in jail? ) in a live

TV show on IBN7.

The baba (Indian version of god man) crossed all boundaries of decency by attacking astrologer, Deepa Sharma on her family life. I wonder if his TRP will take a dip within his female followers after this incident.

The incident happened so fast. Before we could open our mouth to call our family members to show this shameless creep, Astrologer Ma’am jumped out of her seat and slapped our unholy baba on his cheek.

The Holy Man lost his holiness and retaliated with two to three slaps. RIP chivalry. All of us waiting for Ma’am to remove her chappal and beat the shit out of this baba were left disappointed. TV channels decided to make their advertisers happy by taking a break 🙁

Anyways, moving ahead from nitigrities of this incident.

What this incident definitely means is:

  1. We have a new innovative method to boost our TRPs.
  2. Channels will soon have all discussion panelists sign an agreement, where news channels will specifically mention that they are not to be held liable for any damages to panelists during the fight hour.
  3. News anchor maneuvering discussions will come as knights wearing armor to save their ass (for when, they are dragged into the mêlée)

What this news definitely does not mean is:

  1. Arnab’s brand of news discussions is over. We are still very far from such beautiful days. Arnab’s words/voice is sharper than a sword. Why do we need a fight club, when Arnab has the power to slam everyone in a one way discussion?
  2. Ex-criminals (who constitute 99% of our leaders) will be allowed to get weapons of their choice. The rules only allow you to fight with bare hands. Although, this can be a criteria in future for such discussions. As of now, this is just a matter under consideration.

Despite this news clip being in bad taste, I seriously feel this is a blessing in disguise for our stupid news channel discussions. If you think logically. Everyone went home happy. The God Men and Ma’am in clip had his moment of glory, news channel had their share of TRP, advertisers got most eye balls for ad break. And we had our share of enjoyment.

Isn’t this what news discussions are all about? Stop turning this into a serious issue. Think about poor media houses slogging their asses to get most eyeballs for same old shit recycled by every news channel. This could very well be the next level of news discussion.

Long live “TV News Channel Debates”!

  • The “Fighter” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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