#IPLverdict should help BCCI clean the mess left behind by Srinivasan

If I was the IPL head, I would consider the latest decision from Lodha Committee (#IPLVerdict) as a blessing in disguise.

With Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals suspended for two years. India cements banned from IPL. Gurunath Meiyappan, the global cricket enthusiast and kundra thrown out of cricket, this is a golden chance for the new BCCI 355576-iplteam to start afresh.

I like so many Indian fans is so glad to see the regime of Srini coming to an end. Chennai Super Kings was always a ground for controversies. Controlled by the last BCCI chief through his son-in-law, the ipl team always had an advantage over other teams. Whenever you looked at this team, you always felt there is an element of partiality involved with this team.

They got the best of players from auctions, retained the best of players, had rules manipulated in IPL to suit them, etc, etc. In short, they were the “privileged Team” of the IPL.

The team was led by Dhoni, the Indian captain, who was also a VP in India Cements (the company of Srinivasan). The great man won India the world cup. But does that make his tenure in Indian Cricket free of controversies? Can we overlook the fact that he was never meant to be a test captain?

I am not reading too much in between the lines but didn’t Dhoni get too long in test cricket as a captain?

As one of the past selectors pointed, Kohli was to take over from Dhoni long time back. Had it not been for the intervention of Srini, Dhoni’s tenure as test captain would have ended long time back.

If you connect the dots, you will see why Dhoni was the undisputed chief of Indian Cricket Team.

He had the backing of Srinivasan, the man at the helm of BCCI affairs for years.

The combination of Indian Cricket team under Dhoni is always like a miniature version of Chennai Super Kings. There have been times, when 30-40% players in the playing 11 were from Chennai super kings.

I am sure no one would argue with me on the number of chances provided to Sir Jadeja, who despite flopping game after games remained the part of playing 11.

My argument is simple. How come everything related to Indian Cricket had a mark of CSK on it? CSK and BCCI had almost become synonym for each other under Srinivasan. Such was his tight fist grip on Indian cricket, you could see the detractors shown the door at every given opportunity.

How CSK, BCCI under Srini covered the wrong doings of Meiyappan is a stuff of legends. Had it not been for effort of few states, who had been shunned aside by the last BCCI regime, the game of cricket would have gone on a path we all can never imagine.

Even when Srinivasan was to leave BCCI, he had CSK undervalued at 5CR to evade taxes. How low can this guy stoop is anyone’s guess. I am so happy to see his team chucked out of IPL.

BCCI should be happy, #ModiGate is taking a toll on politicians of India, not the BCCI Chief. Also, Srinivasan is ICC chief, not a governing body member of BCCI. He does not have a grip on BCCI now. His clout inside BCCI is a minimum. If rumors are to be believed, he is soon going to be shown the door from ICC.

Now is the time for BCCI to not get in to petty politics. They have to move ahead by ensuring the decisions of Lodha Committee are not challenged.

This is very little they can do to get back the lost faith of Cricket Fans from all across the globe. The game has seen the worst under the last BCCI chief. I had written earlier about the biggest challenge for Jagmohan Dalmiya is not managing BCCI but winning back trust of million of fans of India cricket.

I hope the new regime shows some spine to keep him away from his beloved game.

  • The “Enthusiast” Mango Man


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