Jaggu dada’s biggest challenge is to win Trust of Cricket Fans

Jagmohan Dalmiya (jaggu dada)’s elevation to the top of BCCI is no surprise. He has always been known to play his cards smartly. With two of the factions fighting tooth and nail to gain control of the richest cricket body in the world, Jaggu Dada decided to play the deal breaker.

In the process, he managed to make a comeback as BCCI President.



He knew his game quite well. When the turn came to make his move, he stumped everyone by throwing his hat in the game. Time will tell, what Jagmohan Dalmiya’s return holds for Indian Cricket but it’s a good news for all the cricket fans. All of us who had gotten tired of watching Srinivasan turn BCCI into his family business.

We do not expect BCCI to become a corruption free organization overnight. That is too much of a task to ask. We do expect things to get in order and work smoothly.

Here are the challenges the new BCCI chief faces immediately:

  1. Cleaning The IPL mess

Match fixing, spot fixing and mess fixing. This sounds like a mix of too much fixing. Alas! This is the ground level reality. The whole IPL is a mess with teams getting fired for frivolous reasons, players indulging in spot fixing and the team owners betting on their own teams. This does not get any worse for a tournament of such a scale.

Time to take the broom (not from AAP. They are already busy cleaning their internal mess) and clean the mess.

  1. The Srini-Pawar Tussle:

The BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur is from BJP and is from Pawar camp. The rest of gang is from Srini camp.

As far as the media reports go, both the camps don’t see eye to eye on issues.

I cannot imagine how Jaggu Dada will be able to support balance between the two power houses. There are going to be future conflicts and tug of war in between the two parties.

Jaggu dada is walking a very tight rope. A small act of biasness can lead to group wars in BCCI.

  1. Keeping the game lover out of the game

This is one game lover(Srinivasan), the game would love to forego. The Indian cricket has never had it so bad. In his last few years as BCCI Chief, he has literally worked day and night to burn down the trust of Indian fans to ashes.

A game worshiped in the country is now a game under doubt and scrutiny.

Worse, no one has been able to raise a voice against him. The players and ex-players are on his payroll. The captain is a VP in his company and plays for his IPL Team. Anyone with a little voice of dissent has been shown the door mercilessly by Srini. He has ruled BCCI with an iron fist and a my way or highway attitude.

Srini is still The ICC chief. The love of game or lust of money refuses to leave him. Fans like me are so disgusted by what he has done to the game that we want him gone for good.

With his long-lasting lover for cricket, it would take more than just a push to make him leave the game.

I hope Jaggu Dada has a trick or two up his sleeves to get rid of the Tamil strongman.


And in the end, can we please stop these rampant incidents of corruption. I know, you are a cash rich organization else why would all politicians line up to take positions in BCCI. Still, have some shame.

BCCI is there because of love of millions of fans in this country, who end up paying for all the creams, mobile phones, tooth-brush and bikes shown during your ad breaks.

Don’t annoy us. You just might have a heart attack of reduced TRPs and reduced revenues, if the mango men of this country decide to boycott the game.

– The “Cricket Enthusiast” Mango Man



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Author: The Mango Man

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