Journalist burnt alive: lawlessness in Uttar Pradesh exemplified

This is a gruesome incident, which is bound to send shivers down your spine.

A journalist (Jagendra Singh), who supposedly unmasked the financial irregularities done by a sitting UP minister (Ram Murti Verma) was burned alive and left to die by minister’s goons along with few “Duty bound” Officers of police.

What makes this story more disgusting is the involvement of police officers with this Minister.

The last statement of the journalist before he succumbed to his injuries was “They could have beaten me. Why did they need to pour kerosene over me and burn me”

After the incident came the cover up. The police in its imaginative report claimed, the journalist has burned himself. They called this a suicide incident.

Hats off to you U.P Police. You put the best of fiction stories writers to shame.

How about you come out in open with your dirty bag of secrets. Tell us, how much the minister paid you to indulge in the heinous crime.

As per latest reports, the Sr. Yadavs of party want to take a decision over the alleged role of Minster only after the probe is over.

That’s a fair judgment. Let the law take its own course based on the reports of police officers, who were a party to crime.

How worse does this get?

We all know how cases are dragged in India. In a state like U.P, where the politicians and police are in cahoots, you can never expect anything to come out of “The Investigation”.

The young CM of state wants to immediately remove the Minister from his post. Unfortunately, like always the seniors will pressurize him into taking the opposite of the right decision.

They will make us wait till the probe is over.

This incident is a rude reminder of how worse the law of situation has become under the incumbent government.

With elections around the corner, I am sure the political machinery will get into action. Opposition will cry foul over the probe being conducted. The incumbent party will call this a conspiracy by opposition party to malign their clean image (no sarcasm intended).

The political tamasha will take precedence over issue. The case will drag on an on.

The minister might be indicted after 20 years from now. By that time, case will be as good as over.

This is a sad day in the lawless land of Uttar Pradesh.

  • The “Horrified” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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