Kejriwal, BJP and Mosquitoes slug it out over Dengue

After spending years discovering a cure for All-Out, Hit, Kachua chaap and other mosquito repellents, Mosquitoes are back. This time they are revengeful, full of vengeance, eyeing Human’s blood to spread the dreadful Dengue. And, they have found a cure for all advanced mosquitoes repellents.

Obviously, Dengue is not as dreadful as Vyapam, where speaking the word “Vyapam“ from your mouth (I already feel drowsy) leads to death 🙂  . Still, Dengue has been able to do what our political parties have not been able to meet dengue in delhifor ages. It has brought public together. For the first time in years, our Public is together in rebuking all political parties for their inaction to handle this disease.

All this Dengue outbreak attack left me in a tizzy. How can a country like ours, which boasts of world-class infrastructure, top class facility for citizens’ (you have to see the smirk on my face when I wrote this line) fall so easily under a disease spread by a tiny mosquitoe. In all my discussions with fellow mango men, I realized none of them blamed Mosquitoes for this havoc.

The response I received from them was “Dude. Our government sucks”, “Municipal Corporation sucks”. Finally. We suck! Since we voted these buggers to power.

So million dollar question is : Who is responsible for dengue?

Lets’ explore this further.

Delhi is ruled by AAP, municipal corporations are controlled by BJP and Governor overseas work of Delhi. His job is to spank Kejriwal from time to time reminding him of limited powers AAP has in Delhi 😉

It would be grave injustice to only blame one of these parties for this chaos.

If you were to ask Kejriwal today on why there is a Dengue outbreak in Delhi. He will respond “MCD does not do its job”. Well Sir! You guys control hospitals. At least, ensure hospitals are bloody ready to handle such a catastrophe. By the way, penalizing private hospitals will not solve anything. They are worse than these mosquitoes. I have been a “bhukt-bhogi” of their greedy ways. (read : Are You Wrongly Medicated?).

Never mind. This is typical AAP. A party born to take us to the promised land of no corruption.

If you were to ask this same question to BJP (virtually running Delhi through Governor and managing all MCDs). They will have their budget drama to play in front of us. They will blame Kejriwal for not paying them on time. Thereby, leading to shortage of staff.

I want to ask them. How can they run an organization in losses for years? Why do you need to be funded? Shouldn’t your organization be self-sufficient? I got to agree with Kejriwal on one point here. If BJP cannot run corporations in profits, they ought to give away control to other political parties. At the end of day, they cannot expect a messiah to come down from heaven to bring their balance sheets to profits.

Lastly, if this same question was repeated to Mosquitoes. They will respond with “I didn’t do it (like chatur from 3 idiots). Obviously, they didn’t do this. We gave them the playground to play their games. They bred, multiplied in millions without any fear of humans.

Before I end his article. Has anyone had a chance to try Ayurveda medicine discovered by Baba Ramdev. The holy man has a cure for everything to anything other than Black Money. Again, why do we need to even discuss black Money? We are well beyond the validity date to get back the so-called “Kala Dhan” from the land of “Goras”.

For those of you looking for a quick fix to avoid Dengue, please don’t harass poor goats. Their milk sellers are making a killing. Scientifically, tantrik-ally, ayurvedically or  medically, there are no proofs goat milk can save you from Dengue.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to hurt anyone who is suffering from this disease or has lost a dear one to Dengue. I am as depressed as you are after reading news of death of kids because of this diseases. We as a country have failed our future generations by letting them die at such an innocent age. Time for all of us to hang our heads in shame. Don’t expect your politicians to do this. They are well beyond the phase of feeling ashamed.

  • The “Mosquito bitten” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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