Kiran Bedi : From Anna to BJP

The entry of Kiran Bedi in BJP along with Shazia Ilmi is definitely a shot in the arm required for the restructured BJP unit in Delhi, looking for a leader to lead them in the upcoming elections.

With Harshwardhan gone, Goyal in back seat and Upadhyay struggling to drive in the front seat, the party has finally found a leader to match the maverick Kejriwal (still trying to come out of his traumatic 47 days struggle as CM).Bedi3

BJP had earlier planned to fight Delhi elections under the banner of Modi (similar to how the party had done in other states). What was earlier touted as a battle in between Kejriwal and Modi is now a battle in between an ex-IPS officer and an ex-IITian.

I have written enough about Kejriwal and hence would focus on dedicating this blog on tracing the journey of Kiran Bedi since Anna Hazare Movement.

Post retirement, Ma’am was busy fighting corruption under the banner of Anna Hazare.

Now don’t ask me who is Anna Hazare?

Seriously. Do you want me to educate you on what the great man did for us?

Hummm….He is the man who taught us the real meaning of ”L” “O” “K” from A to Z.

Unfortunately, he disappeared before Lokpal was diluted and turned in to a JokePal and today, what we are left with are byproducts of movement.

And believe me, all of them are seriously doing very well in some way or the other.

Kejriwal is an anti-corruption crusader leading AAP and does not drive a Wagon-R any more.

Kiran Bedi is a soon to be CM Candidate from BJP (despite all those heart burns in BJP  🙂 ).

And “Baba” Ramdev’s business built around “White Money” has just crossed 2000 Cr.

OMG! Who needs black money, when you can sell soaps, shampoo, digestion pills and make 2K Cr.

I am sure you would be asking “Where is their guru now?”

Who cares? The guru is back in Maharashtra and is leading a peaceful life.

Hence, peace!

Coming back to Bedi Ma’am. After Anna Hazare had packed his bags and Kejriwal had deserted him to float his new political party, Kiran Bedi turned in to a reluctant activist on social media.

She would throw a tweet or two on Twitter criticizing politicians or wishing us a happy “festival name” like many of her retired colleagues but there was a paradigm shift in how she approached politicians.

She did not hate all of them or did not look at all of them as corrupt.

The writing was there for everyone to see, when she softened her stand on BJP by praising the work of Modi. A move that led to speculations of her joining BJP.

She kept delaying the inevitable and just before elections, the announcement is out.

Kiran Bedi is the new saffron leader to join the BJP Bandwagon.

And this is not it. She might be the new CM candidate from BJP for Delhi elections and could very well be the answer to the “Kejriwal Riddle” BJP has been finding tough to solve.

Till the announcement of her official candidature to the top most of Delhi is announced, Social media will have a field day comparing her past tweets criticizing Modi for his Gujrat riots with the present praise tweets for Modi ji.

But as they say “All is forgiven in Politics”.

In politics opportunists are said to have suffered a change of heart and in this case, Ma’am definitely had a change of heart 🙂

Over to you Delhi Elections!

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Author: The Mango Man

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