Kissa kursi ka

Can someone call Mr. Chautala, Mr. Kalmandi and Mr. Srinivisana and tell them “Enough is Enough!!!” We do not need politicians in sports in India.

Please do not malign our country’s image any further. Kindly put your personal agendas aside and think about Indian Sports?

Every time you hear or read about them, you just want to shoot an email to Sports Ministry of India or PMO and ask them to put these guys behind bars or do something, so that they save us from the embarrassment.

While all the three have taken different routes to the Glory. The end result has been the same. No wonder how hard you try to topple them, they are stuck to the kursi with fevicol between them and the chair. Not a bad idea for fevicol’s new ad : Yeh fevicol ka jaud hai tuttega nahi 😉

En route to Embarrassment:

Ajay Chautala:

An impressive political resume is what you would say, when you look at his credentials. MP, MLA, seasoned politician and the son of grand old Jat of Harayana “OP Chautala”. Add to this, the corruption medals which he has won with his family members when his dad was the CM of Haryana and you have an impressive resume…A case of too much done in too little time.

When the guy was busy bankrupting Haryana, he would have thought “Why not have another source of income” and here he was buying support to become chief of Indian Olympic Association.

When someone asked him “Sir…Why Indian Olympic Association? We hardly win any medal in Olympics 🙂 “

His answer would have been “Never mind, enough money is allocated for Olympics and then there are free foreign trips.”

The guy went on to take on abhinav bindra, one of the prominent figure in Indian sports.

My suggestion for him is to have jail Olympics and become a president of the same. You never know, which crook in jail might be good at which sport?


Suresh Kalmadi:

What do you do when a country like India gets a chance to host something called as common wealth games and the guy in charge takes the name “common wealth” in literal sense. He decides that since it is common wealth and he is at the top of hierarchy among all commoners, why not take the largest share out of this common wealth.

This is what he did. Along with his bunch of cronies, he went on a country level loot. Had it not been for last-minute interference by government, commonwealth games would have been common shame games.

The guy had to go to jail but that did not deter him from standing in next sports elections. Call it heights of shameless or whatever…Nothing teaches these corrupt officials anything


N Srinivasan

You get chosen as a the head of the only sports played in the country, which also happens to control the biggest club league in the sports…what do you do?

Now don’t give me a list of things you can do. It’s a one line answer.

You get corruption in the game. Buy everyone and then along with your family members loot the governing body’s money.

Not that Mr. Srinivisan has any dearth of money…He is the owner of India Cements but then greed has no limit.

In last few years, since Srinivasan has been at the helm of BCCI we have seen it all. Spot fixing, match fixing, etc, etc. What makes it worse is, involvement of his son-in-law in all these muddy affairs.

Still, he does not want to step down and for some reason the BCCI backs him.

We as cricket enthusiasts (not like his son-in-law 🙂 ) feel cheated and let down. He has given a new meaning to words stubborn, arrogant and shameless . While the nation despises him, Supreme court questions his involvement in the running of affairs of cricket body, he defies everyone and gets elected for another term.

India’s only prominence in sports world is cricket. A game, which is hardly popular in 10 to 15 countries.

What confuses us all is that these guys are either from affluent background or have strong political connections, so money would not be the only reason for them to stoop down so low.

 “God save the Indian Sports”

Author: The Mango Man

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