Lamo’s entry has given a new life to IPL

IPL recently completed 8 years. The whole season was so yawn-esting.

I am sure they plan to have 100 more seasons of IPL, till the spectator die of overdose of cricket. The same cricket which is played in between 8 to 10 same cricket teams in world with a bunch of players recycled across different club teams in different parts of world is no more interesting.

IPL is what you call as a perfect no-brainer masala film with anything but a story-line.ipl

You are supposed to leave your brain at home, when you go and watch this potboiler.

For me, the real fun part in IPL is everything other than cricket.

The latest turn in the story-line is the introduction of hero turned villain Lamo (Lalit Modi). His entry is a masterstroke by the story tellers to make sure the next IPL is a complete sold out from day one. He is unlike the twists and turns in the storyline we have had till date.

Consider these twists:

  1. franchisees in past were thrown out, resold, traded as per convenience. Every year saw an introduction of a new franchisee and the demise of an old one.
  2. Politicians made cricket dirtier by sticking to their chairs, as if this is their constituency
  3. Bollywood celebrities talked cricket like veteran cricket players
  4. Everything was fixed inside IPL. From spot to match to Pakistan cricketers (fixed to their native country). You seriously felt like pulling your hair thinking how they manage so much fixing without Fevicol.
  5. The former BCCI chief’s kahaani ghar ghar ki turned sour in front of Indian audience.
  6. An alleged murder or suicide (sunanda pushkar)

These were good, bad and ugly. But what we have now is a mother of all controversies. Our politicians, who love to cling to anything which produces money have all been hands in gloves in the cricket corruption for years. They have milked the cricket brand by looting the associations they have headed for ages.

The irony is no one can claim to be clean. The Jaitleys, Pawars, Lalus, Scindhias, shuklas, etc, etc have controlled cricket for years. After politics, Cricket is their best next bet to make money.

Off the record, every sport’s top most position is a lucrative position for them. They get to play their dirty games without inviting too much attention  (read my last article : kissa kursi ka).

Entry of Lalit Modi, the blue-eyed boy of our politicians promises to ruffle a lot of feathers. He comes with his bag of dirty secrets.

Since he was the proud founding father of IPL. He knows it all.

He knows, who arm twisted whom. He knows, who got how much kick back. He knows how a certain powerful politician has been able to control the BCCI for years without coming in front.

He knows it all.

Sushma swaraj, Vansundhra raje are the latest to become victim of ModiGate. They say, he has just started.

Looking at how his Twitter handle has suddenly turned from Lali’ Modi’s handle to the handle of evil cricket god, we should brace for more secrets coming out of Lalit Modi Via Twitter.

By the time, they get him back to India. The world will be upside down.

This is what I love about Indian cricket and IPL. Just when your interest starts waning off, they get you something unpredictable.

I am sure the next IPL will be interesting than the last one. The TRPs will hit the roof. The advertisers will be happy and BCCI will go home smiling.

Lamo. We are all indebted to you for making IPL interesting again.

  • The “Cricket Crazy” Mango Man

Author: The Mango Man

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