Madras High Court (Chennai) decision to Castrate Child Rapists is the Right Step

Finally the law of land decides to teach a lesson to child rapists in a rightful way. Till date, rapists have gotten away with punishments which range from few years in jail to life imprisonments. Although these punishments are no less, considering the condition of Indian jails. They have rarely proved a deterrent for these monsters.

Today citizens of our country do not care about the law of land because they know judiciary is slow, police is corrupt and politicians follow the dharma of vote bank, where they will support a guilty person even if he/she is accused.

source : wikipedia

source : wikipedia

The beef lynching incident is a perfect example of our politician’s supporting the guilty on basis of vote bank politics.

Add to this the lack of strict punishment for accused.

How many times have we seen any one following rules with a fear of repercussions in form of penalty, jail time or any form of punishment? Other than few instances of traffic rules, we barely see any one following rules. Since there are so many loopholes in law, no one really cares about the law.

As per reports, maximum child rape cases happen in overcrowded slum area. The general perception of public there is the law of land will take ages to catch up with them. They are poor, least educated and do not fear the law.

Not that the rich fear the law, they at least have their reputation to protect from getting tarnished in public space. Something to tame the monsters in rich circle.

Coming back to the judgment of Madras High Court. Madras High court has recommended castration for Child Rapists. This is indeed a landmark judgment. Government should now take this forward by creating awareness on how serious this form of punishment is. The visuals of what happens when you get castrated in ads can definitely stop perverts from targeting children. I am sure advertisements done smartly can at least deter future rapists from indulging in this crime.

With this decision, we have taken a leaf out of Progressive countries like Singapore, who have strictest of punishment for minor of crimes. For major crimes like rape, there is 20 years of punishment and caning. (I would not consider Arab countries to be in this bracket of progressive countries, as they have a horrible record in terms of human rights. Despite their strict law which is very biased in favor of men, they do not fall under the group of progressive countries).

Our Government can build upon this judgment by increasing the intensity of punishments for other crimes too. For ex. why castration for child rapists only? How about extending this same punishments to rapists who rape teens or adults? Or honor killing?

By bringing in strict laws, we can put a stop to future incidents. What we need is a system, which should put a fear in the mind of citizens from indulging in anything which is against the law with clear, strict punishment defined for each crime.

This will also reinstate public’s faith in Government. They will not try and do a gangajal like they did in north east few months back by publically killing a man accused of rape.

As I mentioned, the replication of this punishment model can be replicated to traffic rules, etc. In 2013 1.37 lakhs death (approx.) happened because of road accidents, 16 children die of accidents daily, 5 people die in road accidents in Delhi daily. (source : . I am sure the numbers have grown exponentially over the years.

We all know the problem behind road accidents. Still no one cares to do anything about them. We can easily bring down the number of deaths by penalizing erring vehicles heavily. A penalty of 50 K to 1 Lakh on erring vehicles will ensure they follow road rules. Today a rich brat does not mind shelling out 2-3 K from the pocket after breaking the rules. Imagine the situation, when this amount is 50K to 1 Lakh.

We definitely need strict rules which put a dent on our finances, emotions, public reputation to ensure we get disciplined.

Time to have strict rules and punishment to discipline the in discipline and ensure guilty do not get away so easily.

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