Making sense of Dalai Lama ‘s statement on Bihar Elections

The “Holy” Dalai Lama has stirred up a hornet’s nest with his statement “Bihar Results Show Majority of Hindus Still Believe in Peace”. Incidentally, the statement has not gone down with the minority of Hindus who still do not believe in peace.

The Holy statement by the great man can be interpreted in many ways. Till date, I have only tried to make sense of statements and news of unholy politicians. This is the first time, I will try and demystify the statement of a holy man.dalai lama

Since the “Holy” Lama emphasized on Majority, Hindus, Believe and peace. I will read in between the lines based on these words. First and foremost, he did not want to send feelers to the Chinese to let him go back to Tibet. China is too adamant to allow the holy man back in his holy land, Tibet. So we will put this interpretation to rest.

Holy Men are said to have their way with words. Having read few Holy Scriptures, I can assure you there is a lot said in between the lines. One interpretation I can make of his statement is, him passing a message to the new breed of aggressive Buddhists in Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

He was probably asking them to follow the path of Buddha and refrain from violence against Rohingyas in Myanmar and Tamils in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, the platform he used to pass the message was a wrong one. You don’t reflect the mood of nation with an obvious statement just after elections.

He unintentionally rubbed the party which lost elections the wrong way. BJP and its followers already embattling the growing voice against rising intolerance in country are surprised with these comments from Dalai Lama.

The twitter “keyboard” warriors from the right wing party (Bhakts) have already decided the travel itinerary of Dalai Lama for next few years. They have graciously decided to send him to Pak-istan, the new travel destination for everyone who has an opinion against BJP.

Since I have the luxury of reading in between the lines of holy man. Here is another theory on what he meant by this statement. This one is a straightforward one.

What if he actually passed a message on the growing intolerance in India?

What if he seriously wanted to pass a message to the new angry Hindus, who supposedly wear their religion on their sleeves?

Should we ask Noble prize committee to take back his noble prize and give it to Ramdev, who did not get the esteemed prize because he was black (a theory invented by him)? Or will sending him to Pakistan be a step enough to send a message to every writer, historian, film personality, etc trying to pass a message to government?

These comments have become an invaluable part to my ever growing list of lessons I learned from Bihar elections.

– The “Resurgent” Mango Man

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Author: The Mango Man

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