Making sense of Narendra Tomar’s statement “BJP never promised acche din”

If only you could see my face now. I have this look of “I told you so” written all over my face. Didn’t I tell you, BJP never meant a word of Acche din aaney waley hain ?

My earlier blog Ground reality after ache din aaney waley hain. Analyzing 1st year of modi clearly reflected the mood of nation waiting for ache din.

The public of this country has to realize, this was just a political Gimmick. A Jumla. The Jumla has lost its relevance

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post elections. Time for us to chill, get a beer and wait for another leader. This country needs hell lot of ache din to come out of days left by Kingdom of bad times, Congress.

Getting back to the statement of our union minister of steel and mines, Narendra Tomar.

What he meant by this statement is:

Other than what I explained above, there is nothing much I can elaborate. Let me try to dig in a little more. The fact is, you guys have been taken for a ride. Go home. Curse your luck. Thank the marketing houses managing campaign of BJP for giving you a ray of hope. Time for you to go back to sleep.

There is nothing like “Ache Din”. The whole country is a mess. Our politicians don’t want parliament to work. Not pointing fingers at any political party. Both the major parties are equal at fault in disrupting parliament when in opposition. For some reason, they take the high ground in power.

Our police does not want to work. Sensex has just nose-dived from a mountain and is in ICU after accident.

In short, he is right to show us the mirror. BJP did not promise ache din because there cannot be ache din for this country. The whole concept of ache din is farce.

What he obviously did not meant by this statement is:

Well. This is a tough one 🙂 . He was so obvious. Let me give a try.


I kind of know their strategy now. The Ache Din theme still has not approached the expiry date. So be ready to see more of ache din aaney waley hain drama in states going for elections. Bihar, West Bengal, UP, Assam, etc, etc. i.e, his statement does not mean they will not promise ache din any further. There will be more promises, followed by more denials post elections.

All these states approaching elections should gear up to see a lot of communal riots and “ache din” in coming months.

I see my good times when I am two bottles down. The good side of this quick ache din therapy is that I get to see them every day 😉 I strongly recommend trying this therapy. The king of Good times, Vijay Malaya is the promoter of this therapy and I am one of the beneficiary.

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