Making sense of Satya Nadella cleaning his hands after meeting Modi

You gotta be kidding! How can the CEO of Microsoft, who is our “apna home grown ladka” wash his hands after meeting our Prime Minister Modi?

I am aghast at this snobbish, snooty man. The whole nation wants to know. How can he disrespect our esteemed download (9)PM?

Despite our best efforts, Mr. CEO was not available for comment. Probably, he was too busy giving targets to his sales team. Nevertheless, I have “tried” to make sense of this news:

What he definitely meant by cleaning his hands after handshaking our PM was:

He was obviously cleaning his hands. Come on guys. Why do we need to read in between the lines? If someone is seen cleaning his hands. This means he is cleaning the hands not his feet for christ’s sake. WTF! Do we need to pull our hair with headlines like Satya Nadela Insults our PM  (newspapers like Punjab Kesari. (..जब सत्या नडेला ने किया PM मोदी का अपमान!)

Note : I appreciate Punjab Kesari for not changing their brand of news for years. They are still the best paper to read from all “Dhamakedaar news”.

What he definitely did not mean was:

1. To support the protesters who have decided to send sanitizer to Mark zuckerberg to clean his hands after handshaking Modi. I know the protest is unique but he is a global CEO, whose company is hugely invested in India. He is smart enough to know, where to draw the line 🙂

2. To behave like a typical NRI. i.e, Like a typical NRI, he just used the right steps to clean himself after meeting an Indian. This is a typical trait of NRIs visiting India or meeting Indians. They suspect us of carrying our Indian bugs, virus in our hands.

Incidentally, the Bhartiya in this case was our PM. Nadella forgot, we do not carry long distance germs and infections in our hands. Despite his insult or ignorance, we, the Mangomen forgive him. This happens to most of NRIs who have stayed away from their motherland for too long.

Whatever was his intention? Internet users had a busy day trending him and Modi sir together with some hashtags we all can imagine in our weirdest dreams.

I am getting back to work. After not bathing for 2 days and changing my clothes for 5 days, I am sure there will be few in office who are bound to not come near me.

Don’t worry. I am carrying a sanitizer with me to sanitize you.

As they say “Cleanliness is a state of mind”.

  • The “Clean and Green” Mango Man

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Author: The Mango Man

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