Making sense of Uma Bharti’s statement “I am a Minister yet I am scared”

News link: Vyapam Scam Deaths: ‘I Am a Minister Yet I Am Scared’ Says Uma Bharti

What this news definitely means is:

  1. Uma Bharti is scared that she will be implicated in this scam without earning any penny out of the scam.
  2. She could have also meant, her Ganga cleaning plans are not going anywhere and she is scared of getting uma bhartisacked by BJP.
  3. Digging in further, she might also be scared of shivraj chauhan’s growing popularity. Her dream of becoming CM of MP again is shattered, as any publicity (good or bad) in politics is good publicity. Shivraj Chauhan is getting a lot of it these days.

What this news definitively does not mean is :

  1. Ganga will not be cleaned. Irrespective of whether she stays as minister or not, Ganga will be cleaned. We understand here concern about getting scared but Ganga will be cleaned. We still have old stalwarts like Murli Manhoar Joshi keeping an eye on any activity related to Ganga cleaning. If she gets knocked off by Vyapam ghost (god bless the soul of all knocked out till date), we have Murali ji to take care of Ganga’s cleaning program.


  1. There is no way, she will become CM of Madhya Pradesh. She is well past her prime and LK Advani is no more a BJP strong leader. She can kiss goodbye to coming back to Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India.


  1. She is planning to quit BJP, as she does not feel safe with her own party in Madhya Pradesh. This will be one retirement plan, she does not need at this stage of her career. Hence we rule out the possibility.


  1. Her RSS past/present will be a reason for her getting killed. You should not be scared Ma’am. Despite the names of top functionaries’ of RSS doing the round, you are in safe hands. The killers behind the Vyapam killing are still not confident enough to kill a central level minister.

And Vyapam scam moves from strength to strength. The deaths will soon outnumber the years since India got its freedom.

After the number is crossed, I can proudly write “Vyapm has outlived the freedom of this country”

Jai Hind!

– The “scared” Mango Man

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Author: The Mango Man

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