Modi’s silence is reminiscent of Manmohan’s maun

BJP’s honeymoon period just got over. Now comes the tough part. A party coming to power on the promise of corruption free government, finds itself battling the worse crisis. Today, BJP is deep entrenched inside a series of unwanted controversies.

The incumbent government is quite different to what Congress was. They have a strong leadership with PM as theMaun ManMohan|silent modi undisputed supreme leader. All files pass through PMO. Every smallest of controversy issues are taken care by the head office.

Despite such a tightly held structure, you cannot help but notice how they have so easily got themselves in such a mess.

What make the mess more messier is the “maun” of incumbent prime minister.

The mess started with modigate. A controversy, which involved all politicians across all political parties. Unfortunately, the party in power is the one which felt the maximum brunt of this issue. The party has two of its prominent leaders Sushma Swaraj, Vasundhara raje entrapped in this infamous Modigate.

Resignation of Sushma Swaraj is improbable. BJP barely has a leader of her caliber in central government. Losing her to a controversy will be too much of a setback for the party. The other leader attached to this scam, Vasundhra Raje is also too strong a leader to be shown the door so easily.

Repeating Arnab Goswami’s famous lines (one of the vocal voices behind this controversy) “The whole nation wants to know PM’s reaction to this controversy?

Next in the line is the infamous dreadful Vyapam scam. The scam is like a curse. You get your name attached to the scam, you are dead the very next day. Frankly speaking, I have never heard of anything as worse as this scam. 2G, Coal gate, etc involve money. This one involves death. Mysterious deaths. The apathy of government to handle the scam is palpable. I am sure we can have a word or two from the PM on this scam. A reassurance to the “ones awaiting their death” will at least make us feel, we are not in banana republic.

Then there is chikki scam, fire extinguisher scam, smriti iran’s degree issue, etc, etc. The whole situation is a grim reminder of UPA days in power.

The twitter handle of PM wishes us promptly on festivals, asks us to share selfies with daughter but maintains a staunch silence on all controversies.

Modi had been very vocal when it came to criticizing last government. He promised us a better government with cheesy lines like “Na Khaunga na Khane dunga”.

High on rhetoric, less on action is what the country feels today after a year of BJP’s rule.

Time has come for the PM to speak to the nation. We need a little more than the usual stuff on “Mann ki Baat” from PM.

  • The “Maun” Mango Man

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Author: The Mango Man

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