Modi’s unlearning curve is a part of Rahul’s learning curve

Rahul Gandhi’s vacations are over.

Internet can now rest in peace. Finally, BJP will have less jokes to crack and Congress’s rebel leaders can put the infighting in party at rest for some time.

The days since rahul’s vacation started have been quite happening for the incumbent government. Modi’s government has battled to get the land bill passed, give more compensation to farmers (who suffered from crop Rahul and Modidamages) and build a pro-Mango Man (cannot write Aam Aaadmi 🙂 . trademark issues) image.

Rahul’s absence saw his mother taking back the mantle of party. She led a morcha against government’s land bill by brining other opposition parties under her leadership.

This is what set the tongues wagging. We all speculated, Rahul’s career is over. He is gone for good. As a matter of fact, there was a voice of dissent within congress to get rid of Rahul Gandhi. The dixit family, Amrinder Singh and few old leaders of party, who do not feature in Rahul’s plan of reviving congress raised a voice against him.

Rahul Gandhi (speculated) has spent his holidays in a medication camp in Thailand. Before you dirty minds start imagining on the type of meditation which happens in Thailand. Stop! He actually did some meditation. The results of which are for everyone to see.

He is not the same Rahul, who can be nudged around the corner by Modi as per his convenience. He is also not the same Rahul, who folds his sleeves on every argument. The aggression has made way for simplicity.

Since he has come back from holidays, Rahul is a better revived Gandhi. He is hurting Modi’s BJP at places, where it hurts the most.

Rahul has learned to do “Chance par dance”.

He is no more a papu who cannot dance.

Congress can now sing in unison “Papu can dance sala!” (no kidding 🙂 )

Lets go back a little to understand how Rahul has been able to score over BJP in last few months.

The agriculture class of this country supported Modi full heartedly in last elections. Unfortunately, they are the ones, who are most disappointed by his government’s performance today.

From Land bill to recent surge of Farmer suicides, Modi’s government finds itself on a sticky wicket.

Despite all the promises, speeches in rallies by Modi and his ministers about them being pro-farmers, the steps taken by them to tackle farmer suicides has been laggard in pace. Add to this, the prestige issue in getting the Land Bill Passed. They are suddenly the new “Anti-farmer” party.

Not that Modi’s bohemie with Adani has helped his reputation of being “Pro Farmers”.

Surprisingly, Rahul has taken the opportunity to turn these issues to his advantage.

Rahul has succeeded in portraying Modi’s government as a “suit boot ki Sarkar” (read : a government supporting industrialists).

Next on the agenda of the Congress’s next president was to get back the support from Middle class. The same middle class, which alienated them during elections.

The misery of flat owners in Delhi-NCR is a known news. The builders have delayed projects by years in delhi/ncr, thereby harassing the middle class families, who have invested their life’s savings in these flats.

Rahul saw this as an opportunity to mingle with the middle class. And came the attack on “builder’s bill”.

Rahul’s meeting with few flat owners was a direct attack to take away Modi’s loyal vote back “The Middle less”. The same middle class that supported BJP blindly in last elections.

Modi’s growing unpopularity is a result of the unlearning curve he has followed since coming to power. The middle class and the farmer class is not happy. They hate his policies, they despise him for being so self-centric. The general feeling is, the honeymoon period has gone longer than expected.

Rahul Gandhi is a changed leader. Whether he can be a great leader is what time will time.

As of now, he is striking the right notes with the right public.

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Author: The Mango Man

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