My Politician. Where were you?

Where were you when two innocent were brutally gang raped on Kanpur highway?

Where were you when innocent  dalits were flogged by the so-called “cow protectors/gou rakshaks”?

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Where were you when a bridge was swept away in Maharashtra?

Innocent died for no fault of theirs and not even a single head rolled.

Where were you when an innocent was killed over the assumption of consuming beef?

Where were you when poor died by the side of the road?

Where were you when the millennium city came to a halt because of a bad drainage system?

Time has come for us to ask the tough questions.

For how long will we allow our politicians to get away with things?

How long?

All they can do after a catastrophe is “Order an Enquiry”.

Seriously? Are we to trust their enquiries?

Nothing has come out of these “high level” enquiries in years.

It has been 70 years since India was freed from the clutches of British.

Most of us find solace in the “pseudo” freedom world we are living in.

Are we really free?

I guess not.

The freedom which our ancestors planned for us is diluted today.

Our politicians have let us down from time to time.

70 years of freedom and we cannot act in times of flood, drought or any natural calamity.

70 years of freedom and human life is the cheapest. Even animals (especially cows) have a valuable life than us.

The so-called “great” politicians of our country have blinded us with fake promises.

One party after another has led us to believe, they are our saviours.

And when the time comes to help us, their callousness is what we get in return for getting them to be our rulers.

We, the kingmakers and queen makers are nothing more than a puppet in hands of our political class.

On one hand, we have a dynasty scion who wakes up from sleep every time he sees a political opportunity to milk.

On the other, we have a leader who is high on talks and low on action, when the guilty are a part of his political outfit.

Following them are the others (who aspire to be the next PM).

A leader in Delhi, who promised us the change.

I can doubtlessly write “he is one of them. He sheds crocodile tears for poor. He makes us believe he is one of us. At a time, he could have been one of us but today he is one of them.”

A leader in Bihar who punishes everyone for drinking alcohol.

Since when did eating and drinking habits of citizens of a country become a government subject?

Why are we at the mercy of our political leader to decide what I should eat and what I should drink?

Bihar is not one of the best starts in India. The revenue sources are small. Crime is not the lowest and all our leader could think was banning “liquor”.

The liquor ban is absurd, to say the least.

70 years after freedom, we still remain a developing country.

Why can’t we jump from being a developing country to a developed country?

Why is it that I am forced to look at the skyscrapers in the metro cities in India to gauge our growth and ignore the poverty in villages?

Time has come for us to make our leaders accountable.

For how long will they beat the same bush?

In their blame game of politics, we are the sufferers.

I seriously want to take them to court when a tragedy happens.

Probably, the court can ask them “why were you sleeping till now? Where is the concept of proactive approach?”


But the judiciary has its own share of biasedness and corruption.

They are busy fighting their battles with the central government.

We can wait for a long time before we can expect the court to deliver us justice.

Where was I for so long?

I am writing after 4 months.

I took a sabbatical to pursue a different passion.

So much has happened since I last wrote.

The little contribution I made as a “keyword warrior” is what I missed during my sabbatical from the mango man.

I am back.

I won’t be as frequent as I was earlier but I promise to write from time to time.

As of now, I have switched on my TV to hear our PM speak.

My mobile’s ringtone is changed to show the mood of the nation.

“Sarey Jahan se Acha…Hindustan humara”

“Happy Independence day”

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Author: The Mango Man

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