Nuclear-Immigration-Climate: 3 things Obama can do for us

I started by writing a serious blog on what India should expect from Obama in India. Unfortunately, the blog lasted 10 lines and 30 minutes.

Here is another effort to pass my message to Mr. Obama.

  1. Nuclear Deal:

Since you have already used your executive powers to give us the nuclear stuff we need to take the country to next level. How about you show more leniency and make no one liable to any tragedy happening in the country.

I am not saying making anyone liable would do anyone any good. It’s just that Supreme Court has become stronger and with nothing on paper, no one goes punished legally 😉    Courtesy :

Also, this would make things simpler. If there is a nuclear tragedy and US is liable, our politicians will let the officials run away like they did during Bhopal tragedy and if India is liable then obviously…Nothing happens :).

Also, you should find a way or two to ensure that out of generosity, curiosity or sympathy, the same yardstick is not applicable to our neighbor Pakistan. You never know who might get the next nuclear bomb.


  1. Immigration laws:

India is one of the best supplier of illegal immigrants all across World and US is our top export destination. I know you have been very lenient with your latest immigration bill, which has helped millions of immigrants in US.

The only issue I have about the bill is that it does not consider the people, who come via illegal routes like Mexico, sea or hidden inside the luggage section in planes.

If you can do some jugaad and give them a visa on arrival…You are our man 🙂


  1. Climate Deal:

Time has come for your countrymen to understand that India still hasn’t reached its pollution limit. We still have a huge forest cover to take care off and we are doing our best to get rid of these forests through rampant construction and illegal mining.

I would ask you to listen to us in next climate talks and give us more relaxation in letting out our smoke. Just to let you know, this is not pollution but development.

We cannot be having a show down with your officials time and again.


In return, you get to be our Number one weapon supplier. Who wants Russia or France, when we have US by our side?

Author: The Mango Man

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