Pahlaj Nihalani or Aamir Khan. Who is the real victim of Intolerance in India?

Pahlaj Nihalani is the torch-bearer for all concerned citizens, who want this country to do away with the evils of western culture.

Aamir khan, the super star does not need an introduction. He is “The Perfectionist” of Bollywood known for giving cr+ hits.

Both of them have been in news off lately for a common topic “Growing Intolerance in India”. Aamir khan provoked the ire of so-called secular brigade of this country, when he raised his voice against the growing intolerance in India.

Pahlaj Nihalani, the Chief of Censor Board of India was butt of jokes for his supposedly “pure” act of cutting kissing scenes in latest “British” Bond Flick “Specter”.

How the public reacted to his positive intentions definitely represent the growing intolerance in India.

The group of people attacking both are like chalk and cheese. I will segregate them as Secular and Sickular.

The ones attacking Aamir khan are from the secular brigade. They feel he has overstepped his right to freedom of speech and expression by tarnishing the image of a country that has made him brand ambassador of Incredible India.

Those who attacked Pahlaj Nihalani are from the sickular brigade. They think it’s their birth right to watch vulgar stuff in movies. Question every credible move of a man who is working hard to purify Indian cinema of the Vulgarity evil.

I am still dicey on which party I belong to 🙂 . Does than make me a sickular? Well no. I have spoken against Aamir Khan in past too. Does that make me a secular?

Whatever. I am the mango man. I choose sides based on the merit of case. This time I am with our Censor Board chief.

Few days back, I shared few tweets of fellow mango men mocking Pahlaj sir on social media. Believe me, I am very sorry to have made fun of this great man. My perception has changed after reading on some of the movies produced by him. Today, I understand how he does not want us to do the mistakes he did in his youth.

The other day a friend mentioned a movie Andaz, produced by the great man. The movie features our “Jhakaas” Anil Kapoor singing “Khada hai. Khada hai” to Juhi Chawala. Then there was a song with lines Main Maal Gaadi Tu Dhakka laga.

I went back home and searched about the man, who has changed the face of Indian Cinema for good using his super powers as the censor board chief.

This is what I found : Would Pahlaj Nihalani approve of these today?

I have a message for all of you intolerant idiots harassing Mr. Nihalani. He is someone who mistakes as a young man .We all did these mistakes. (“Jawani ki bhool” as it is famously said in Bollywood).

Today, he is a changed man. He is someone who is like a fatherly figure to all of us. All he wants us to be is to teach us from his mistakes. He wants us to be good kids, who grow up to be sanskari.

The growing intolerance against the steps taken by Mr. Nihalani are unwarranted because he knows what a kiss of more than 20 second is capable of. He knows what these firangs are up to.

Even after 60+ years of leaving our country, they want us to think of “James Bond” as our hero.

Grow up guys. We do not need Bond when we have Namo. Look at the short movie Nihalani sir made eulogizing our incumbent PM, the real hero of today’s youth.

Who needs an imaginary James Bond when we have a real life hero to idolize?

You might derive sadistic pleasure by calling him a sycophant. I call him a man who is right in leading us back to our roots. We are a sanskari county with a sanskari censor board chief.

Why raise a voice against him? We are being intolerant Indians by speaking against him, when he is trying so hard to set an example for future generations.

Tomorrow our kids (when they grow up) can proudly not use words like “balls” “sex” “Kiss” “smooch”. Instead, they will refer to them as “Cat not Gend” “Sehwaas” “chota chumban” “Bada Chumbhan”.

This is the image of “Incredible India”, we should celebrate. Our future Generation can proudly inherit this from us.

Moving to Aamir Khan. In past, I had been very critical of Aamir Khan for speaking against AIB roast. Nothing much has changed since then.

Speaking directly from the heart of my secular (not sickular) brothers (including of Anupam Kher Sir). Mr. Khan you are a brand ambassador of “Incredible India” not “Uncredible India”. Start acting like one.

Didn’t they teach you “How dust is brushed under the carpet before they made you brand ambassador of Incredible India?”

Don’t you know we are supposed to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil in India?

You are killing the idea of a “Tolerant India”, where we are supposed to tolerate everything. From female feticide to injustice against women to corruption. We do not talk about them. They are evils which are a part of our life. The Chalta hai attitude is what defines us.

How dare you do the unobvious by speaking your mind? Shouldn’t you embrace the supposedly growing intolerance without making a fuss about it?

My buddies are right when they ask you to go to Pakistan, Bangladesh or Middle East and speak against them like this.

My buddies want this country to turn like these countries. They are absolutely right when they hate you for speaking on a sensitive topic like intolerance in India.

You are intolerant because you cannot tolerate intolerance. They are not. They just want to live their million dollar middle class dream by not speaking about all this. You are tarnishing the image of this country in front of foreign countries and killing their chance of earning in “Dollars”.

Next time you speak on “Intolerance” they will parade in front of your house, burn your effigy and will boycott your movies.

You will then understand who “Intolerant” is. This country has given you fame, money, satyamev jayate and tears (a lot of them). In Return, you talk about Intolerance.

And all you talk about is Intolerance. The last time Shah Rukh Khan spoke about intolerance, we showed him who intolerant is.

I got to get back to my “Tolerant” friends practicing “Intolerance”. We have a mission in hand to find every “Sickular” speaking on Intolerance and teach them to be tolerant.

  • The “Angry Secular” Mango Man

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Author: The Mango Man

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