Congress appoints 5 PCC Chiefs

What this news definitely means is:

  1. Congress is trying to cover some ground in five states before next elections.Rahul with Sonia Gandhi
  2. Rahul Gandhi has his name imprinted on all the changes. This means he is not retiring and will come back as Bruce Wayne post his sabbatical.
  3. Congress will try to convince public to do Ghar Waapsi for them.
  4. Many of the new chiefs like Maken and Chavan are the ones, who have already seen the party getting routed in the last elections. This is old wine served in new bottle, so don’t be surprised if you see congress loosing again.
  5. Congress is putting the rebellion inside the party to rest by telling who the boss is!

What this news definitely does not mean is:

  1. Rahul Gandhi will not be found anytime soon. He is communicating his close circle of confidants and officially, is still missing but this list gives a hope that “He will be back”
  2. There is still a place for Old Guard in party. All the new members are the part of the so-called new generation of leaders chosen by Rahul Gandhi. Unfortunately, no one from the old guard makes the cut.
  3. Congress is not going to give Robert Vadhra a chance to showcase his political skills :). U.P still has not seen a change of guard. You never know Mr. Robert Vadhra is rechristened Robert Gandhi and is the next U.P Congress Chief.
  4. Sonia Gandhi is not retiring anytime soon. If these new postings are to be believed, she could very well be heading for a long sabbatical.

I will head to sleep.


Will keep you all updated on what i discuss with my fellow mango men over chai par charcha tomorrow.


Author: The Mango Man

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