Perfect Travel destinations for “Missing Rahul Gandhi”

Rahul baba is missing. Not that his presence will have any impact in parliament. Still, we have the budget session starting and the absence of the most important figure of the not so important congress has suddenly caught every one’s attention.

As per reports, Rahul has decided to take a sabbatical. I feel, this sabbatical will do Congress good. Provided, he comes back and resigns from all party posts 🙂download

While media is on its toes looking for Rahul Gandhi. He is at one of his hide outs to evade the every prying media eyes. One of the party workers tweeted photos of Rahul Gandhi enjoying the beauty of nature in Uttarakhand.

The party was quick to deny Rahul Gandhi’s presence in Uttarakhand, calling the pics from 2008.

Million dollar question is “Where is Rahul Gandhi?”

Even I don’t know where the Gandhi “Scion” is but considering his work load, I do have a list of perfect tourist destinations for him to rejuvenate and come back as a Changed Man. These places are affordable else how would i know about them 🙂

Here is the list:

  1. Anna’s Dharna at Jantar Mantar

What better place to start your career than Anna’s jantar mantar? Look at Arvind Kejriwal. Few months with Anna and he was able to decimate all political parties in New Delhi.

Rahul baba always speaks about Congress getting back to roots. Rahul ji, no place better than Anna’s Dharna to start your political career again.

This is as far as you get when you speak about “Getting back to roots”.

This will reignite your passion for poor man and who knows, you might turn out to be another Kejriwal in next elections.

  1. Haridwar

Millions have found peace in this holy city. The city also holds distinction of being home to babas like Nirmal Baba, Ramdev, etc, etc.

As they say. In moment of doubt, always hear to your inner voice. The Dev bhoomi or land of Gods could very well rejuvenate you and provide you answers to whys and hows of Congress’s downfall.

There is too much to learn in this city.

Not to forget the hospitality of Congress government in the state (one of the rare states to survive the BJP massacre 🙂 )

  1. Sabarmati Ashram

The land of Gandhi is what Rahul can really look for inspiration. What Rahul has missed for years (other than brain) is “leadership quality”.

Who else to look for inspiration than the father of Nation? The real Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi.

Irrespective of all the differences with ruling party in state, few days of Gandhitava can mellow down the fierce Gandhi and teach him the calmness of being in the trade.

Other destinations:

  1. Italy : His month’s home country to learn the Italian secret.
  2. Moradabad : Robert Vadhra’s home town to understand how to turn rags to riches overnight.
  3. His college. I am not sure where it is? Some say he is from harvard, others oxford. I seriously do not want to go into which of these actually reflects his I.Q level but wherever it is, please go and visit them and ask them to start the classes again.

We really hope to see you back like Bruce Wayne!


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Author: The Mango Man

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