Phas gaye re Manmohan!

The omnipresent dialogue of all Amitabh Bachan movies where he played a cop was “Kanoon ke haath bahut lambey hotey hain”. This time the hands of justice have reached the doorsteps of Manmohan Singh.

The same Manmohan Singh, who can be a protagonist in of the book titled “how not to get Corrupt in the Company of Corrupt”.

A CBI court investigating Coal Gate scam has called Manmohan Singh to appear in front of the court for allegations on him being a party to the coal gate scam. No one con blame the CBI for these summons. Mr. Manmohan the manmohanMinister of Coal when the scam happened, thereby making him a party to this scam.

Manmohan Singh’s turbulent tenure as the PM of this country saw him donning many hats. One of them was the hat of Dhitrashta. Dhitrashta, the blind ruler of hastinapur, who despite knowing all the wrong doings of his son Duryodhana remained a mute spectator to everything.

The king relied on his wife Kunti for all that he could not see and Kunti blinded by her “Maa ki Mamta” misguided the king.

During UPA’s tenure, Manmohan Singh was Dhitrashtra. Kunti could very well be Sonia Gandhi and Duryodhana would be Rahul Gandhi (minus all the dumbness). The rest of Kaurava would be the bunch of cronies looting the country without any fear of repercussions.

While the king remained honest, the ministers went around doing scams after scams. Commonwealth was followed by 2G and 2G was followed by coal gate, damaad gate, etc, etc.

And while the country felt the brunt of Corrupt UPA leaders, Manmohan Singh kept silent. The two power houses theory prohibited him from speaking anything. Rather than protecting the victims (citizens of country), he become a Victim, whose only defense of being Maun-Mohan was Coalition dharma.

You can imagine a country being run by a mute and blind king, where the King has no right to speak harsh words because the cronies have their allegiance to the Queen.

History will judge Manmohan Singh for his inability to take action against his ministers. The same ministers, who by virtue of his post should have respected his decisions.

He is still a respectable figure, who is well above the level of being called Dishonest.

Time will tell, if he spills the beans about the scam and the names involved in the scam or he maintains his silence on what happened under his watch.

At the end of day, he was a leader who paid the price for his team’s misadventures.

– The “Dishonest” Mango Man


Author: The Mango Man

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