Political lynching or Dadri Lynching. What is worse?

Our Politicians are funny at times. The most difficult task for me or for any mango man of this country is to take them seriously. In fact, when you hear them speak. You wonder. Do they even take themselves seriously?

Dadri “Beef” Lynching is an infamous incident which shook our country. As usually happens with such incidents in India, the incident was followed by visit of series of leaders from different political parties.

For all of you wondering what was the impact of these visits? For all of you hoping to see an iota of empathy, compassion in our leaders, please get a reality check.

Let’s not get overambitious with our politicians. The

Courtesy : in.thetodaypost.com

Courtesy : in.thetodaypost.com

whole process can be simply defined as:

They came. They saw. They spoke. They left….Eventually, they forgot!

No one. I mean, no one seriously cared to introspect why this heinous crime was committed. Such is the game of politics. You speak as per the convenience of your vote bank.

The parade of leaders was led by BJP. Maximum leaders from this political outfit visited Dadri.

I am not sure what was the purpose of leaders from this party visiting dadri? Either they wanted us to believe their innocence or they saw this as an opportunity to save the tormented Majority from government.

One of their esteemed leader. A sitting MP and a minister of state called this incident an accident. If this was not enough. He rubbed further to the misery of victims by kind of praising the crowd for not raising a finger over the 17 year old daughter of the person, who was lynched by the crowd.

BJP surely wanted to mobilize crowd after this incident like Muzaffarnagar riots. Sangeet Som, sitting MLA and one of the accused from Muzaffarnagar made a visit to Dadri to “understand” why Hindus are victimized for no fault of theirs.

Someone told me a human had died in this lynching incident. Anyways, who cares? The whole purpose of Som ji’s visit was to help Hindus from not being hounded by the state police.

Rather than empathizing with victims, he went on to make a bold statement on taking revenge if action was taken against innocent. Makes me wonder, who the innocent are in this case?

Just when we thought, BJP has paraded the best of its leaders to pass the message. Yesterday, two firebrand leaders from BJP promised to supply weapons to Hindus. I am sure these weapons will help them fight Beef Eaters. Inadvertently, they also mocked the law process of Uttar Pradesh.

And then there were more like Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal, Asaduddin Owaisi, Azam Khan, etc, etc.

Kejriwal said“What happened in Dadri was against humanity. It was totally wrong. Who benefited from it, neither Hindus nor Muslims. Only political parties and politicians are benefiting,”

I found his statement to be full of double standards. If only politicians and political parties were benefiting from this incident, what was he doing there? He reached the place when police was trying to handle the tense situation in area.

I am sure he gained enough political mileage for AAP to help them win 1 or 2 seats in next UP Elections. As usual, this is not a behavior expected from a politician…I mean activist, who is trying to run his government differently.

Add to this, the latest radio ads from Arvind Kejriwal.

My goodness! This guy seriously knows how to waste public money blatantly without any fear of repercussions.

I will not comment on statement made by Rahul Gandhi. His statements did not make any impact. Probably, he needs another holiday to rejuvenate and speak sense.

Too much work pressure makes him speak in language, no one is able to understand.

Next in line was Owaisi. He said ““This wasn’t an attack over meat. It was murder over religion to spread politics of hatred of a party. This is a pre-planned, cold-blooded killing. It cannot be an accident.”

Like always, he gave a religious turn to the incident strategically.

In between, Azam Khan has promised to take this matter to United Nations.

As if UN is waiting for a leader from Uttar Pradesh to send them a complaint.

I fail to understand, why we need to politicize this matter?

Every politicians worth his/her salt has joined the band wagon of jokers in passing stray comments over this incident.

Initially what looked like a circus administered by a ring master, has suddenly turned into a chaotic situation without a ring master.

The only prominent name missing from the list of personalities, who have made a statement over this case is our esteemed PM. Probably, PM is too busy with his foreign trips or he has a fair idea on how badly his party men have handled such a delicate case.

Frankly speaking, I am glad he did not speak on this incident. None of the political leaders have made sense till now. Why make this worse by adding few more political comments. He is right in utilizing his energy and orator skills in Bihar.

He is a smart man, who knows which cow is to be milked at what time? (did I write cow J I already feel lynched). Bihar goes to election in next few weeks, not Uttar Pradesh.

“Even a fool, when he holds his peace, is counted wise: and he that shuts his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.”
 Proverbs 17:28 American King James Bible

With Bihar elections just around the corner, PM has decided to keep quite on this controversy. I hope, pray, appeal to other politicians to please keep their mouth shut, if they do not have anything meaningful to say on this incident.

Quoting Austin o’ Malley “If you keep your mouth shut you will never put your foot in”

The Political Lynching via your comments is worse than Dadri Lynching. Please keep your mouth shut. Let the family of the dead man live in peace. Do not aggravate their agony with your political games.

  • The “Quite” Mango Man

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