Rahul’s romance with Politics has to end before it sinks Congress

When I look at Rahul Gandhi, the first thought that comes to my mind is the Monster’s ad, where a batsman is washing clothes and an Indian classical dancer is trying to help an airplane park.

He is a wrong person stuck in a wrong profession.

The recent series of resignations (some of them high level) due to Rahul Gandhi goes on to reinstate my faith that sooner or later Rahul Gandhi has to retire from Politics or Congress will be gone with the wind 🙂

Here are some of my observations on Mr. Gandhi’s failing romance with Politics:

  1. Recently Jayanthi Natarajan, the ex-environment minister resigned from Congress party citing the growing gap between the high command and party workers.

Incidentally, Ma’am was coerced into taking policy decisions during her ministerial days by the Gandhi team and when she did not toe the line as per wishes of Rahul, she was shown the door mercilessly.

She was explicit in calling Rahul Gandhi as the in charge of her file clearance department.

The growing discontent among the senior leadership has openly come out with this resignation.Rahul-Gandhi1


  1. Rahul Gandhi at the end of UPA-2’s tenure came into a meeting and out of anger or watching too many south Indian movies, tore one of the ordinances passed by his party. This put the incumbent PM and his team of ministers in a bad light.

If this was some political stunt to show him as the new angry man of India, it failed miserably.


  1. During the last lok sabha election campaign, the BJP’s campaign focused on tightening noose around Congress’ lackluster campaign by targeting them on Damad ji (Rober vadhra).

In comparison, Congress’s campaign designed under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi was clueless and helpless.

What was supposed to be a bout of equals turned out to be a damp squib. The Gandhi scion lost before the match had even started.


  1. We have smart ass politicians and we have dumb politicians. I don’t know Raga falls in which category. I will let you judge on your own. Here are some of his comments made in his election campaigns:
  •  10 out of 7 youths in Punjab are addicted to drugs : Anyone for MATHS classed?
  • When I went to university, no one knew about India. : And when was that?
  • If we go back a 100 years, India was actually a force, an energy source. : Yes. We had nuclear reactors 🙂
  • India is bigger than USA and Europe combined. : You make my geography look good with this comment 😉

You can read a thorough analysis of his goof ups at : http://www.india.com/election-2014/rahul-gandhis-biggest-goof-ups-that-left-the-nation-brain-dead-54835/

I know Rahul has a good sense of humor but these comments go a little far than just being said in a good sense of humor 🙂


  1. Wherever Rahul Gandhi goes defeat follows. This is Amit Shah’s theory. Call it sheer bad luck or ominous sign, Mr. Gandhi has proved this right off lately.


Even the Gods want the Gandhi scion to retire.

My serious advice to the Non serious Mr. Gandhi is “Sir. Let the Mufflerman and Feku bhai fight over votes. Why do you waste your energy on something as futile as Politics?”

Author: The Mango Man

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